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Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture

ISSN: 1934-7359 (Print); 1934-7367 (Online)
Frequency: monthly
Volume 18, Number 3, March 2024 (Serial Number 196)

Names are listed with no particular order.


*  Aaron Daniel Mwanza (Ph.D., China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation)

Research fields: 1. Asphalt pavement materials testing, design and finite element modeling; 2. Soil mechanics/geotechnical engineering related to railway and road pavements; 3. Transportation network planning models for route selection as in railway (City or national grid), mass rapid transits, subways; 4. Technical and economic justification for transportation infrastructure; 5. Railroad geometric and pavement designs.

*  Abbas Taheri (Lecturer, Ph.D., University of Adelaide)

Research fields: Laboratory Testing Methods for Geomaterials, Advanced Field Testing Methods, Rock Mechanics, Site Investigation, Soil Improvement Methods, Slope Design, Underground Opening Design, Tunneling.

*  Abdalla Ahmed Mohammed Adam (M.Sc., University of Gezira)

Research fields: Pavement materials characterization (Bituminous materials and additives, Unbound Materials including soils and stabilizer materials), Modification of bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures using (Elastometer and Plastomer Polymers), Experimental investigating in behavior of bound and unbound materials in pavement structural system, Study the effect of behavior of expansive soil as subgrade in pavement structural system.

*  Abdelkrim Bourzam (Associate Professor, University of Sciences and Technology-Houari)

Research fields: Masonry components and structures (confined masonry, infill and reinforced masonry including experiments on masonry walls or structures), fiber reinforced concrete.

    A.D. Garini (M.Sc., University of Genoa)

Research fields: Geotechnics and soil - structure interaction.

*  Aftab Hameed Memon (Ph.D. candidate, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM))

Research fields: Construction and Project management; Construction Cost Management; Construction delay; Construction Waste Management; Sustainable Construction Management; Structural Equation Modeling.

*  Ahmet Cavdar (Assoc. Prof., Dr., Gümüşhane University)

Research fields: Structural material (experimental studies), cement and concrete researchs, composite materials in some degree etc..

*  Ahmed Ibrahim Ramzi Ibrahim (Ph.D., Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Research fields: Large scale mapping from Remote sensing data.

*  Ahmed Salim Mohammed (Assistant lecturer, Mosul University)

Research fields: Human-induced vibrations; human-structure interaction; vibration serviceability assessment of structures due to human activity; blast resisting structures; progressive collapse.

*  Aida Azari Sisi (Ph.D. candidate, Middle East Technical University)

Research fields: Strong ground motion data processing; Strong ground motion database compilation; Seismic damage assessment of structures; Generation of fragility curves for structures; Stochastic simulation of earthquake catalog; Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA); Stochastic strong ground motion simulation.

*  Aida Idrizbegovic (Ph.D., Sarajevo University of Architecture)

Research fields: Architecture - restoration of historic buildings and sites and new infill in historic or mixed setting.

*  A.K.M. Khorshed Alam (Ph.D., Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB))

Research fields: Quaternary geological mapping, neotectonics, earthquake geology, geology for urban risk reduction, geomorphology (tectonic geomorphology), application of remote sensing in different disciplines of geology, environmental geology, geoarchaeology etc..

*  Al Ahmed-Zeki (Ph.D. candidate, University of Tasmania (UTAS))

Research fields: Foundation engineering (geotechnical aspects): Geotechnical aspects of dam engineering; Concept design for dam engineering projects; Landslide investigation and remediation; Geotechnical aspects of land development; Geotechnical properties of soils and rocks; Geotechnical seismic engineering; Waste rock engineering; Tailings storage facilities.

*  Alan Redmond (Ph.D., CSTB - France)

Research fields: Science and policy of climate change; Advanced, energy-efficient building technologies; Advanced transportation systems and disaster relief management (resilience system engineering); “Giga-city” design and development, particularly in the developing world.

*  Alborz Davoodi (Assistant Professor, Payame Noor University (PNU))

Research fields: Islamic and Persian Architecture, History of Architecture, Technology and Culture of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Technology of Concrete and Construction.

*  Alcínia Zita Sampaio (Assistant Professor, Technical University of Lisbon)

Research fields: Virtual Reality technology applied to construction and maintenance.

*  Alessandro Camiz (Ph.D., University of Miami)

Research fields: Architecture, urban design, Urban Morphology, typology, History of cities/urban history (modern and medieval), architectural design in archaeological areas, landscape architecture, urban fabric, architectural theories.

*  Alexander Boakye Marful (Ph.D., University of Stuttgart)

Research fields: Ecosystem Services and Management, Eco-Tourism Planning, Infrastructure Planning for Renewable Energies, Community Development for Tropics and sub-tropics, Placemaking and Urban Sustainability, Infrastructure Planning and Development for Developing Countries, Green Architecture, Energy Efficient Community Planning, Eco-Responsive City Planning.

*  Alfonso Annunziata (Ph.D., University of Cagliari)

Research fields: Relation between roads and landscape both in rural and in urban areas, the study of roads as an architectural object, and the study of functions to be conferred to the road, urban spaces, on interactions among infrastructures and land uses, and landscapes.

*  Alice Pasquinelli (Lecturer, Politecnico di Milano)

Research fields: GIS technology in territorial management, cartography, urban planning and GIS.

*  Alina Congreve (Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire)

Research fields: Urban Sprawl/ density, Urban regeneration, Sustainable urban extensions/ eco-towns, eco-villages Local government responses to climate change, Public involvement in planning, Energy use in the built environment - domestic in particular but some knowledge of commercial, Environmental behaviour change (sustainability and new housing development;  behaviour change and climate change; and public involvement in planning).

*  Alireza Afshari (Professor, Danish Building Research Institute (SBi))

Research fields: Building Climate systems (Demand controlled ventilation system, energy saving, alternative ventilation system designs, filtration technologies, cooling, heating); Ventilation and indoor air quality (Modelling and measurements of air and contaminants flows (both gas- and particles) in buildings, ventilation effectiveness, second-hand tobacco smoke infiltration, wood-burning stoves and their ignition on indoor particle concentrations, emission from building materials).

*  Alireza Bahrami (Lecturer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Research fields: Civil Engineering Structure, including all structural members of Civil.

*  Alireza Farhidzadeh (PhD Candidate, University at Buffalo)

Research fields: Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Evaluation/Test, Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, Shape Memory Alloys and Passive Structural Control Systems(viscous dampers, friction dampers, ...).

*  Alireza Gholamhoseini (Ph.D., University of New South Wales)

Research fields: Time-Dependent Behavior and Serviceability of Composite and Concrete Structures, The Effects of Creep and Shrinkage in Concrete Structures, Finite Element Modelling of Concrete Structures, Design, Analysis and Behavior of Structures for Seismic Loading, Nonlinear Structural Response of Concrete Structures to Seismic Loading.

*  Alireza Keramat (Lecturer, Jundi-Shapur University of Technology)

Research fields: Water hammer, vibration of bars, viscoelasticity modeling.

*  Alma Golgota (Dr., Projection and Supervisor Sociaty “3 G Studio”)

Research fields: Building materials such as the concrete.

*  Altamashuddin Khan Nadeemallah (Dr., Visveswaraiah Technological University)

Research fields: Analysis and Design of Steel Structures, Reinforced concrete and Prestressed Concrete Design.

*  Alvand Davoodi (PhD Candidate, Hamedan Regional Water Co.)

Research fields: Concrete technology and Design of Structures.

*  Amarjeet Saini (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Nevada)

Research fields: Performance -based design; Probabilistic seismic design of bridges; Repair and retrofit of earthquake damaged bridges using advanced composite material; Fragility analysis of infrastructures; Seismic risk and reliability analysis; Seismic performance and reliability of structures.

*  Amin Abdelrahim Abdelrahman (Professor, Suez Canal University)

Research fields: Material Sciences, Building and Construction Materials, Mineral Processing and remedy of old buildings and tunnels which are deteriorated as a result from the contamination of soils by aggressive salts and chemicals,rock mechanics, mining and mineral engineering and environment engineering.

*  Amjad Al-Modhafer (Lecturer, University of Kufa)

Research fields: Structural Engineering; Fiber Reinforced Concrete Polymer; Repaired and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete; Structures; Behavior of Reinforce Concrete Beams; Numerical Analysis of Concrete; Design of Concrete.

*  Amit Srivastava (Assistant Professor, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology)

Research fields: Geotechnical Engineering / soil mechanics.

*  Amir Čaušević (Associate Professor, International University BURCH Sarajevo)

Research fields: Design of Tall Building Structures and Towers of sacral objects The knowledge of the ancient constructions and materials, repair and strengthening of historic masonry, Building Conservation general principles, seismic vulnerability of historic buildings and Non-Destructive Investigations.

*  Amir Shojaei (Ph.D., independent)

Research fields: Plasticity, damage, composite materials, smart materials, solid mechanics and structural engineering.

*  Ana M. Martín Castillejos (Senior Lecturer, Technical University of Madrid)

Research fields: Diverse and include Urban Studies, Semiotics, Gender Studies and Literature.

*  Ana Peric (Teaching assistant, University of Belgrade)

Research fields: Spatial and urban planning, sustainable spatial development, urban regeneration, brownfields regeneration.

*  Anatolijs Borodinecs (Prof., Riga Technical University)

Research fields: Building physics, buildings energy efficiency, energy consumption, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating and indoor air quality. Also practical application of renewables.

*  Andreas Schmitt (Dipl.-Ing., University of Kaiserslautern)

Research fields: GFRP as internal reinforcement in filigree concrete members; Development of high heat insulating, multi layered sandwich panels; Energetic and static optimization of external construction elements; Fresh concrete pressure in sandwich walls panels with a subsequent layer of in-situ concrete.

*  Andreea Popa (Ph.D., University of Architecture and Urban Planning Ion Mincu Bucharest)

Research fields: Urban Planning (Policies and Tools), Landscape Planning with special interest on Territorial or Agricultural Landscape (policies and tools).

*  Angelo Bertolazzi (Ph.D. candidate, University of Padova)

Research fields: History of construction, traditional and historic buildings techniques.

*  Anish R. Jantrania  (Associate Professor, Blackland Research & Extension Center (BREC))

Research fields: Wastewater treatment, wastewater reuse, desalination, water treatment, water quality, water availability, sustainable water infrastructure, water economics, public policy on water, water as a crop, and water education.

*  Anton Kraler (Assistant Professor, Innsbruck University)

Research fields: Building Physics (sound insulation, air tightness, thermal insulation) and Quality Management in Timber Constructions, innovative design of construction parts in timber buildings (e.g. bonding systems) (further research focus), material science research projects, improvement of sound insulation in timber construction, the development of wood-panel clips for solid wood building elements and strength test series of mountain-grown timber; comparative studies of ecological processes and eco-balances.

*  Ar. Amrutha Nanaiah (Ph.D., Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited)

Research fields: Architecture, Housing, Urban Design, Neighbourhood Planning & Design, Sustainable Development, Redevelopment, Heritage Conservation.

*  Aristidis Iliopoulos (Ph.D., Peikko Greece SA)

Research fields: 1. Steel concrete composite structures and bridges; 2. Behaviour of steel structures in seismic areas; 3. Modeling of steel concrete composite bridges.

*  Arun Bajracharya (Ph.D., National University of Singapore)

Research fields: Project Management; Construction Management; Innovation Management in Construction; Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Modeling.

*  Aurélie Favier (Ph.D., Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL))

Research fields: Cement materials chemist working on workability of blended cement with calcined clay and limestone and PhD in rheology and NMR of alkali activated binders (Metakaolin based geopolymers).

*  Ata Radfar (Dr., Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Research fields: Surface Water, Runoff Management, Water Quality Modeling, Low Impact Development Techniques, Water resources, In Situ soil test, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Urban Excavation, Soil Improvement, and Artificial Intelligence.

*  A. Vasanthanathan (Ph.D., Anna University Chennai)

Research fields: 1. Material Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Plastics; 2. Fabrication of Composite Structures using Hand lay-up techniques, Pultrusion, Vacuum Bagging and Filament winding techniques; 3. Experimental analysis of thin-walled shells under static axial compression; 4. SEM Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Plastics; 5. IR-ND Testing of Fiber Reinforced Plastics; 6. Experimental analysis of thin-walled shells under axial impact; 7. Finite Element Analysis of Composite Structures using ANSYS; 8. Finite Element Analysis of Composite Structures using LS-DYNA; 9. Crashworthy Composite Structures; 10. Any other related problems in the field of Polymer Matrix Composites(PMC); 11. Smart Materials and Structures.

*  Avram Sorin (Dr., University of Craiova)

Research fields: Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Urban and Rural Geography, Cartography.

*  Aytanga Dener (Associate Professor, Istanbul Technical University (ITU))

Research fields: 1. Social and spatial change; 2. Housing the interaction between sociopolitical transformation and spatial structures of houses, squatter settlements; 3. Vernacular architecture; 4. Typomorphology; 5. Postmodernity; 6. Popular culture.

*  Bădescu Gabriel (Ph.D., North University of Baia Mare)

Research fields: Geodesy, Mathematics, Basic Physical geodesy, Compensation Measurement and Statistics, Space Geodesy, Physical Geodesy.

*  Barbara Gherri (Ph.D., University of Parma)

Research fields: Passive architecture and passive house solutions, daylight architecture and daylighting devices as well in environmental certifications for green buildings and indoor and outdoor comfort evaluations, architecture in general-green, bioclimatic and sustainable architecture more precisely.

*  Bartlomiej Blachowski (Ph.D., National Science Centre of Poland)

Research fields: structural dynamics applications, smart structures, computational mechanics, and Structural Health Monitoring.

*  Bassam Saad (Ph.D., Fortis BC Energy Inc., McGill University)

Research fields: Pavements design with emphasis on the mechanical behavior of pavement foundations, Numerical modeling/finite element analysis of earth structures and geo-systems, Constitutive laws of geo-materials, Coupled (deformation-pore pressure) behavior and analysis of earth structures and geo-systems, Soil dynamics, Geotechnical analysis of buried pipelines.

*  Behzad Esmaeili (Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder)

Research fields: Construction Safety and Health, Workers Compensation, Work Zone Safety, Risk Analysis and Decision Making, Alternative Project Delivery Methods, Innovation in Construction.

*  Behzad Shekastehband (Ph.D., Sahand University of Technology)

Research fields: Stability analyses of space structures & experimental and numerical behavior of Tensegrity systems.

*  Benedetto Barabino (Ph.D., University of Cagliari)

Research fields: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as applied in public transport (i.e. how to use Automatic Vehicle Location data to elicit information about service, how to measure reliability, and so on.) Service Quality Measurement and Management to evaluate public transport , Bus network design, including route design and frequency calculation.

*  Benjamin Colucci Rios (Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez)

Research fields: Highway Safety MUTCD, Tort Liability applied to Highways, Pavement Evaluation Management, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Truck Size Weights, Warm Mix Asphalt.

*  Beraki Bahre Mehari (Assistant Lecturer, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology)

Research fields: Water Engineering: water resource management and engineering, hydrology, hydraulics, water and waste-water treatment, river water pollution and remediation, and so on.

*  Bernhard Hofko (Ph.D., Vienna University of Technology)

Research fields: Hot mix asphalt testing, bitumen testing, rheology, multi-scale modeling, performance best testing of asphalt and bitumen, viscoelastic modeling of asphalt and bitumen.

*  Biliyamin Adeoye Ibitoye (Dr., Kwara State University)

Research fields: Traffic safety and transportation engineering.

*  Bimal Gadal (M.Sc., OXFAM Jawalakhel)

Research fields: Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation.

*  Binod Kafle (Research Assistant, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar)

Research fields: Landslide Mitigation, Soil Mechanics, Soil Dynamics, Numerical Simulation, Finite Element Methods, Structural dynamics, Seismic Design of Bridges, Flood risk management, Earthquake Engineering, Theory of Structures, Surveying, Concrete Technology, Design of Concrete Structures, Foundation engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics Engineering, Marine and Land Geomechanics and Geotechnics etc..

*  B.P. Naveen (Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science)

Research fields: Pile foundation and Solid waste management.

*  Brandusa Gabiela Cazacu (Associate Profesor, Dr., S.C. “PROIECT” S.A. Constanta)

Research fields: Geotechnics and foundations.

*  Burak Asiliskender (Assistant Proffesor, Abdullah Gül University)

Research fields: Architectural Theory, Identity, Urban History, Space-Place Concepts, Transformation/Renovation, Modernity, Modernization, Industrial Sites, (Modern) Housing, Turkish Modernization.

*  Carina Mariane Stolz (Researcher, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS)

Research fields: Mortar; Cementitious renderings; Rheology of cementitious materials; Adhesion; Interface contact area.

*  Carolina Ojeda Leal (M.A., Universidad de Valparaíso)

Research fields: Landscapes, environmental impact analysis of the landscape, sustainability and cultural and industrial heritage.

*  Carolyn Ahmer (Associate Professor, Bergen University College)

Research fields: Architectural theory and history, preservation of historic buildings and sites, urban planning, universal design and accessible cities.

*  Cettina Santagati (Ph.D., Università degli Studi di Catania)

Research fields: 1.Architectural and archaeological survey - direct, instrumental, photogrammetric, laser-scanner 3D; 2.3D modeling, texturing, reconstruction; 3.Analysis and experimentation of innovative methodologies and techniques aimed at the knowledge and the representation of cultural heritage (3D acquisition and reality based modeling, 3D modeling reconstruction); 4. Graphical analysis of architecture; 5. Descriptive Geometry; 6. Urban Fabric Studies (Survey of historic urban texture and studies of historical and present maps).

*  Chang-Su Shim (Professor, Ph.D., ChungAng University)

Research fields: Connection between steel and concrete (or steel-concrete composite structures); modular bridge structures (precast decks and prefabricated bridge piers); structural experiments; 3D design (or Building information modeling BIM); protective structures.

*  Chao Wang (Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Research fields: Building information modeling (BIM), information technology in construction, construction automation, and 3D visualization.

*  Chee-Ming Chan (Associate Professor, UTHM)

Research fields: 1. Geotechnics; 2. foundation engineering; 3. retaining structures / walls; 4. sustainable geomaterials; 5. ground improvement; 6. engineering education.

*  Chih-Ta Tsai (Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University)

Research fields: a) Cement-based Composites, Science & Technology of Concrete: HPC, Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC), and fiber reinforced concrete, etc.; b) Innovative Construction Materials & Processes; c) Recycling Green Building Materials; d) Recycling of Innocuous Construction Residual Soil, Slag, Ash, Sludge, and Sediment; e) Cold-pressing Recycling Technique.

*  Chrysanthos Maraveas (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Manchester)

Research fields: Behaviour of Structures in Fire; Material Properties at Elevated Temperatures; Thin wallet Tanks.

*  Chryso K. Chatzinikola (Ph.D. Candidate, Cyprus University Of Technology)

Research fields: Energy poverty; energy efficiency;  indoor air pollution; environmental, thermal comfort.

*  Chunli WEI (Ph.D. candidate, University of Nevada)

Research fields: 1) Seismic isolation design and analysis of bridges and buildings; 2) Seismic performance of structures; 3) Nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures; 4) Large scale experimental test of structures; 5) Seismic soil-pile-structure interaction; 6) Performance-based earthquake engineering.

*  Corneliu BOB (Professor, Romania and University of Oradea)

Research fields: Concrete and new concrete types, RC structures, prefabricated concrete structures, building sustainability.

*  Cristina R. Maier (M.Arch., National School of Architecture)

Research fields:  Interactive Design / Interactive Architecture / Responsive Environments / Media Architecture / Architectural Design / Material Science / Technological Advancements / Light Design.

*  Cristiano Poleto (Prof., Coventry University)

Research fields: Hydrology and sedimentology.

*  Cristian Tsakiris (Ph.D., Ecological University of Bucharest)

Research fields: Mud and Solid Waste incineration and technical management; Water cleaning stations technical management; Utilities distribution, water and natural gas, and sewage collecting in the rural habitats; Produce of green energy from water and wind potential; Flow through elastic medium with application in human body fluid flow; Biochemical behaviour of cell and scale up to biochemical reactors; Oil thermal cracking pipe reactors; Investigations of zeolites catalytic performances.

*  Cui Liu (PhD candidate, Politecnico di Milano)

Research fields: University-city relations in the knowledge society, urban-rural cohesion, design works about physical space.

*  Daba S. Gedafa (Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota)

Research fields: Mechanistic-empirical pavement design; Materials Engineering; Pavement Management System; Nondestructive Testing; Traffic Safety.

*  Daekwon Park (Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Design)

Research fields: Advanced material and material processes (architectural material, programmable matter, functionally graded material, biologically inspired material,  rapid prototyping, etc.); Adaptive Building Environments (interactive/ responsive building systems, daylighting / thermoregulation systems, etc.); CAD/ CAM (Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing) and computational design (parametric/ generative design, design optimization, etc.).

*  Dallshad Khidhir Hamad Amen (Ph.D., University of Salahaddin)

Research fields: Concrete material (test on cement , aggregate , performance of concrete, durability when exposed to severe environment , shrinkage and creep, mix design and performance of special types of concrete (High strength and high performance concrete , self compacting concrete (SCC), porous concrete , fiber cement and fiber concrete.

*  Danijel Kušljić (Ph.D., University of Zagreb)

Research fields: Public-private partnership, project success, feasibility studies and financial models. organization structures of construction companies and analysis of corporative strategies in construction sector.

*  David Edward Morton (Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University)

Research fields: Advancement in construction technology, use of materials and development of new design techniques, the use of BIM Building Information Modelling in the many stages of design process.

*  Debby Goedknegt (Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)

Research fields: Sustainability in project management, lean management in the built environment and sustainable business process management in the built environment.

*  Deda Đelović (Assistant Professor, Mediterranean Business Studies)

Research fields: Port management with special focus on port machinery exploitation and maintenance as well as on different aspects of the port sustainable development.

*  Delsye Teo Ching Lee (Ph.D., Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)

Research fields: Concrete Technology particularly on lightweight concrete, the utilisation of waste materials/by-products in concrete & also durability of concrete.

*  Devesh Tiwari (Ph.D., University of Roorkee)

Research fields: Development of pavement maintenance management system, Pavement data management and modelling, Pavement evaluation, maintenance and rehabilitation needs, Pavement technical audits, Road construction and quality control, Pavement failure investigations, Pavement material testing and characterization, Pavement design, Traffic engineering, Flexible Pavement Deterioration and Modelling.

*  Dina A. Elmeligy (Assistant Professor, Tanta University)

Research fields: New technologies in architecture “new materials, new methods..., Sustainability, Biomimicry in architecture.

*  Dinesh Kumar (Associate Professor, Kurukshetra University)

Research fields: 1. Simulation of earthquake strong ground motions; 2. Source parameters of earthquakes; 3. Evaluation of seismic hazard of a region; 4. Preparation of scenario hazard maps of a region; 5. Estimation of attenuation characteristics of the medium by estimating parameter Q and application to seismic hazard; 6. Site amplification studies and their applications to seismic hazard.

*  Donghyeon Ryu (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)

Research fields: 1) Structural Health Monitoring, 2) Multifunctional Materials and Composites, 3) Development of Novel Sensing Technologies using Advanced Materials, 4) Thin Film Optoelectronic Composites, and 5) Autonomous Structural Systems, 6) Smart Home Technologies, and 7) Sustainable Infrastructures.

*  Dongyuan Wang (Professor, Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction)

Research fields: Geotechnical and underground engineering related issues, particularly in modeling, numerical analysis, reliability analysis, rapid construction, ground improvement technique, soil and rock slope issues, and underground structure design and analysis, and so on.

*  Dostcan Sevim (Ph.D., Istanbul Technical University)

Research fields: Project Management, Information Technologies in Construction, International Construction Law and Contract Administration, Green Buildings.

*  Eduardo Grala da Cunha (Ph.D., Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

Research fields: Thermal performance Simulation of the Buildings, Thermal performance of the Buildings, Energy Efficiency Simulation of the Buildings, Energy Efficiency of the Buildings.

*  Elizabeth Guzmán (M.Sc., Concordia University)

Research fields: Building Information Modeling (BIM); Building Energy Modeling (BEM); Interoperability and Software Integration between BIM and BEM; Energy Analysis and Energy Simulation; Building Total Performance; Sustainable Architecture and Green Construction; Earned Value in Project Management.

*  Enes Yasa (Assistant Prof., Dr., Konya N.E.U-Visiting Scholar: Texas A&M University)

Research fields: Energy Conservation in Built Environment, Energy Performance in Buildings, Thermal Comfort, Green Building Design, Outdoor Building Climatic Comfort, Natural Ventilation, Microclimate Wind Movements, Wind Effects, Pedestrian Level Climatic Comfort, Computatioal Fluid Dynamics(CFD), Energy Performance in Buildings, Courtyard Buildings, Building form Optimization, Climatic Comfort, Building Physics, Urban Physics.

*  Erika Beata Maria BEILICCI (Lecturer, University of Timisoara)

Research fields: Hydrology, water resources management, soil erosion, sediment transport, environment protection.

*  Evangelia Lambrou (Assistant Professor, NTUA)

Research fields: Applied Geodesy topics with emphasis on measuring systems. More specifically on: Geometric documentation of technical and natural structures(buildings, monuments, declivities, dams); Precise determination of undulation N of Geoid; Interconnected systems; Remote Geodesy, observations via Internet; Operation and checking of Reflectorless Total Stations and GPS receivers; Check and Calibration of Geodetic instruments (Geodetic Metrology); Development of methodologies for precise measurements; Control and monitoring of deformations and movements of technical and natural structures.

*  Fabiano Micocci (Ph.D., University of Florence)

Research fields: Architecture, landscape, urban studies.

*  Fan Gu (Ph.D. candidate, Texas A&M University)

Research fields: Mechanics modeling of asphaltic materials and geomaterials, numerical simulations and computational modeling of pavement structures, and highway design, construction and management.

*  Farzad Moshiri (Ph.D. candidate, Dylion PTY Ltd.)

Research fields: Timber concrete composite structure, Non-linear finite element analyses of timber and concrete structural components, Dynamic response and behavior of masonry and timber structure, Seismic force based design of concrete steel and timber structure, Displacement based design of hybrid concrete and timber structure, Application of Non-Destructive method in structural assessment , Application of modal analysis in Strength grading of timber, Ground motion prediction models as input for building code, Risk analysis and assessment of infrastructure.

*  Farzaneh Soflaei (Ph.D., Morgan State University)

Research fields: Architecture & Urban Design: Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Architecture; Environmental Sustainable building’s Design; Green Roofs, Sky Gardens, and Sun-spaces as Micro-climates; Traditional Courtyards as Passive Cooling Systems; Wind Catchers as Passive Cooling Systems; Sustainable Cities; Social-Sustainable Urban Design; Socio-Cultural Identity and City; Sustainable Public Spaces (Specially Streets and Squares); Sustainable Transportation and Mega-cities; Middle East / Iranian Urban Studies (Specially in Safavid Era); Urban Historic Revitalization.

*  Flávio de Andrade Silva (Assistant Professor, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ))

Research fields: Mechanics of fiber reinforced concrete; Durability of cement based materials; Composite Materials; Natural fibers and natural fiber reinforced composites.

*  Florin Pavel (Ph.D., Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest)

Research fields: Analysis of strong ground motions, evaluation of ground motion prediction equations and seismic hazard evaluation, earthquake engineering, seismic response of RC structures.

*  Gabriella Mazzulla (Ph.D., University of Calabria)

Research fields: Transit systems performance evaluation, transit service quality, road accident risk analysis, Transportation planning.

*  Gehan Selim (Lecturer, Queens' University Belfast)

Research fields: Architecture and Urban Planning, Contested spaces in Europe and the Middle East, place-making, Colonial and post colonial architecture and urbanism.

*  Gerardo De Canio (Ph.D., ENEA Via Anguillarese)

Research fields: Earthquake protection of structures and conservation of cultural heritage assets, structural dynamics, shaking table tests, NDT-Non Destructive Tests, monitoring.

*  Gintcho Petkov Kostov (Ph.D., “GEO ZEMIA” Ltd.)

Research fields: GNSS measurements – (fast) static, kinematic, adjustment of geodetic networks, processing of the geodetic measurements, quality assessment.

*  Giovanni Loreto (Ph.D., University of Miami)

Research fields: Sustainable materials and technologies for rehabilitation and new construction, and related issues.

*  Giulia Pesaro (Professor, Politecnico of Milan)

Research fields: Sustainability and economic assessment of projects in architecture and urban planning; Sustainability and economic assessment of products for sustainable architecture; Strategic planning at the local level, Practices and tools for land planning at regional and local level; Methods for the analysis and assessment of urban and territorial systems models, practices and tools for the sustainable governance and management of cultural heritage and natural environment at public, institutional and private levels; practices and tools for the analysis and assessment of sustainable development in urban and rural areas; implementation of policy tools to enhance the governance and prevention of territorial hazards; cultural heritage assessment and valorisation policies and tools; natural environment protection and management; analysis and assessment of the state of development of urban and rural systems.

*  Giuseppe Piero Guido (Assistant Professor, University of Calabria)

Research fields: Investigation of road safety issues and traffic flow simulation.

*  Giuseppe Cianflone (Ph.D., University of Calabria)

Research fields: analysis of ground deformation by means of SAR and GPS data; geological reference model for the civil engineering works; hydrogeology of sedimentary aquifers.

*  Govind Singh Bhardwaj (Assistant Professor, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology)

Research fields: Environmental geology, Environmental Technology in construction engineering, Engineering geology, Excavations for highways constructions i.e. road side hill excavations( All are belonging to Applied engineering geology).

*  Gökçen Firdevs Yücel (Assistant Professor,  Istanbul Aydın University)

Research fields: Landscape Planning, Landscape Design, Recreation Planning, Environmental Perception, Urban Aesthetic, Street Furniture.

*  Hainian Wang (Associate Professor, Chang'an University)

Research fields: Asphalt binder characterization, asphalt mixture performance, warm asphalt mixture, rubber asphalt and microstructure of asphalt mixture.

*  Hamed Hamidi Jamnani (Ph.D., Iran University of Science & Technology)

Research fields: Earthquake Engineering & Nonlinear Dynamic Problems; Seismic Retrofitting of Structures; Synthesizing Strong Motion & Inversion Solution; Seismic Hazard Analysis; Performance-based seismic design and IDA; Design of Blast Loaded Structures.

*  Hasan Nikopour Deilami (Ph.D., McGill University)

Research fields: Composite Materials, Repair of Concrete Structures with Advanced Materials, Finite Element Modelling.

*  Hasan Ozkaynak (Assistant Professor, Dr., Beykent University)

Research fields: Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics; Structural Dynamics; Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Structures; Base Isolations and Seismic Dampers; Energy Dissipative Systems used in Reinforced Concrete Structures; Earthquake Behaviour of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Structures.

*  Hassib Rehailia (Ph.D., Annaba University)

Research fields: Urban; Health architecture; Bioclimatic; Islamic architecture.

*  Hee Sun Choi (Lecturer, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)

Research fields: Sustainable urban design at policy and practical level; urban design strategies; urbanization; urban morphology; urban street design and public open space; hi-technology infrastructure; urban design assessment framework for sustainable urban development; sustainable social and cultural identity.

      *  Hemant Tiwari (MS. in Transportation Engineering; Lecturer, Tribhuwan University, Nepal)

Research fields: Traffic and Transport Modelling, Transportation Planning and Management, Road and Traffic Safety, Parking Management, Sustainable Urban Transportation, Traffic Engineering and Management.

*  Henry Onukwubehenryb (Ph.D., University of Lagos)

Research fields: Cost Management of Building and civil engineering projects; Human resources in Construction; Construction Management; Project Management; Estimating and price analysis of construction projects.

*  Hessam Azari Jafari (Research Assistant, University of Tehran)

Research fields: Construction Engineering, Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Superplasticizers Interactions, Microstructure and Compatibility with, Cementitious Materials, Workability of Fresh Concrete Rheology of Cementitious materials, Stability study of Cementitious Materials.

*  Hessam Yazdani (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oklahoma)

Research fields: Foundation engineering , settlement analysis of buildings, and environmental geotechnics, application of optimization techniques in geotechnical engineering problems, polymer and materials science.

*  Himan Hojat Jalali (Ph.D., Sharif University of Technology)

Research fields: Experimental Research in Structural and Earthquake Engineering; Lifeline Earthquake Engineering, with special interest to PGD and Wave Induced Damage of Buried Pipelines; Earthquake Resistant Design of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures; Seismic Assessment, Rehabilitation and Retrofit of Structures; Nonlinear Analysis of Structures; Seismic Design of Nonstructural Components.

*  Hooman Ghahremani (Ph.D. Candidate, Iran University of Science and Technology)

Research fields: Urban Design and city in the age of globalization.

*  Huseyin Bilgin (Associate Professor, Epoka University)

Research fields: 1. Seismic performance evaluation of RC and URM buildings; 2. Earthquake resistant design of RC structures; 3. Seismic assessment of historical monumental buildings; 4. Response of RC and masonry building structures under seismic effects.

*  Hrvoje Pilko (Junior researcher, University of Zagreb)

Research fields: Road Infrastructure, Roads and Urban Routes, Designing Unsignalised Intersections and specially Roundabouts.

*  Ibrahiem Abdul Razak Al-Ani (Lecturer, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN))

Research fields: Stromwater Management; Urban Drainage; Soil Erosion and Sedimentstions; Optimisation in Water Resources; Environmental Engineering; Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

*  I.K. Pateriya (Ph.D., Aurangabad University)

Research fields: 1. Structural Engineering: Concrete and concrete structures, Inelastic analysis of structures, Numerical Methods of analysis, Design of concrete structures, Mix design of concrete, Fly-Ash and Pond Ash concrete, Additives of concrete; 2. Transportation Engineering: Planning of Highways and Rural roads, Evaluation of propertis of materials of road construction, design of roads, performance analysis, Life cycle cost analysis of structures, Mix design of materials etc..

*  Ilker Kalkan (associate professor, Kırıkkale University)

Research fields: Strengthening and repair of concrete structures; lateral stability of steel and concrete Beams; stability of structures; earthquake behavior of structures; experimental techniques for testing structural members.

*  Ioannis Liapis (Ph.D., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Research fields: Highway engineering and especially use of recycled materials.

*  Isabel Rodríguez Abad (Assistant professor, Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Research fields: Non-destructive testing, Building materials and in special, concrete durability.

*  Ismael Flores (Ph.D., University Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Research fields: Nanomaterials and nanotechnology, Supplementary cementitious materials and chemical admixtures, High performance concrete, Material and hydration product characterization.

*  Issa J.Ramaji (Ph.D. Candidate, Pennsylvania State University)

Research fields: BIM, IDM, MVDs, IFC, Information Exchange, Interoperability, Modular Building, Building Science, Residential Building, Building Enclosure, Structure, Earthquake, Nonlinear Analysis.

*  Jaesung Choi (Ph.D. Candidate, North Dakota State University)

Research fields: Transportation Economics; Operations Research in Transportation; Transportation Statistical Modeling and Analysis; Sustainable Transportation; Energy and Environmental Analysis of Transportation; Applied Geostatistics to Studies of Transportation

GIS of Transportation; Transportation Finance.

*  Jan Ceselsky (Ph.D., VSB-Technical University of Ostrava)

Research fields: Housing, regional development, real estate development, maintenance of real estate, evaluation of real estate.

*  Jan Hradil (Lecturer, Czech Technical University in Prague)

Research fields: Problems of road design; traffic engineering, micro simulation and traffic safety issues. Currently I am working (or preparing to work) on research projects focused on multi-criteria assessment of intersections and road structures, safety of railroad crossings and control modes of traffic lights during low demand periods.

*  Janaka J. Kumara (Ph.D., Tokyo University of Science)

Research fields: Ballasted railway track maintenance, Bearing capacity of deep foundations, Deformation characteristics of granular materials, Shape characteristics of granular materials by image analysis, Slope stability analysis, Reuse of waste materials in ground improvement works, Rain-induced landslides and mitigation measures.

*  Janusz Marchwiński (Associate Professor, University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw)

Research fields: Sustainable Architecture, Solar Architecture, Green Buildings, Building Integrated Photovoltaics, Ecological Technologies.

*  Ji-Eun Lee (Lecturer, Land and Housing Institute)

Research fields: Housing design incorporating energy and daylight performance. i.e. Passive house design with successful high performance daylight in Korea climate.

*  Jia Hu (Ph.D., University of Florida)

Research fields: Sustainable/green building; Building energy and simulation; Building information modelling (BIM); Life cycle assessment (LCA); Computer application in construction; Computer modeling of built systems (e.g., envelop) and indoor environment; Construction management (e.g., scheduling, cost).

*  Jiguang Zhao (Ph.D., CH2M HILL Inc.)

Research fields: transportation safety: Traffic safety and operation; Intelligent transportation system; Pavement management system; Non-destructive pavement detection techniques; GIS application in transportation engineering.

*  Jinliang WANG (Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong SAR)

Research fields: Indoor air quality, especially focusing on particulate matters, aerosols, Application of CFD in HVAC&R, built environment and thermal engineering areas, Transport of airborne infectious particles, short-term human exposure risk under influence of moving objects, Advanced turbulence modeling as well as theoretical development, such as LES, complex two-phase flow, Experimental measurement technologies in the turbulent airflow, particles, built environment and thermal engineering etc., Building energy saving and optimization.

*  Ji-Sheng Zhang (Ph.D., Hohai University)

Research fields: Coastal Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering.

*  Jörg Hildebrand (Junior Professor, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

Research fields: Welding, bonding, rapid prototyping, welding and bonding simulation, experimental and numerical analysis of loading capacity – joints, steel and glass constructions, nondestructive evaluation, monitoring.

*  Jose L. Fernandez-Solis (Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University)

Research fields: Lean Construction (Value Stream Mapping, Last Planner System, Percent Plan Complete) sustainable construction, chaos, value stream mapping, net zero buildings.

*  Joshua A. Odeleye (Ph.D., Lagos State University)

Research fields: Sustainable Transport Planning (across all modes of transport).

*  Jovica Vasiljevic (Assistant Professor, Road Traffic Safety Agency – RTSA)

Research fields: Road Traffic Safety, Traffic Police Enforcement, Human Behaviour and Behaviour Change, Driver Rehabilitation, Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk, Road Traffic Safety Management and Strategies.

*  Julian Sastre González (Dr., Polytechnic University of Madrid)

Research fields: Transport Planning, Economical and financial assessments, PPPs and concessions. Sustainable mobility, Transport and urban development. Transport and Climate Change.

*  Karol Sikora (Ph.D., National University of Ireland)

Research fields: Mechanics of wood, engineered wood products and wood structures. Performance of modified cement based materials. Microstructural characterization of building materials, durability and prediction of degradation during the service life. Sustainable Materials, Energy Efficient Construction.

*  Katarina Slavković (Ph.D. candidate, University of Belgrade)

Research fields: Life Cycle Analysis, Embodied energy and Passive house standard.

*  Kennedy Otieno Aduda (Ph.D., University of the Witwatersrand)

Research fields: Sustainability in the built environment, energy efficiency in buildings, water efficiency in buildings and facilities maintenance, energy use/energy management in buildings/built environment.

*  Khalfan Amour Khalfan (Lecturer, University of the Ryukyus)

Research fields: Heritage, Architectural Conservation, Historic Buildings, and Islamic Manuscripts.

*  Khoo Hooi Ling (Ph.D., Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR))

Research fields: Transportation and traffic engineering.

*  KOU Shicong (Ph.D., Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Research fields: Advised concrete technology; environmental friendly construction materials; use of waste materials in construction industry and non-distructive evaluation of building.

*  Kpamma Evans Zoya (Lecturer, Sunyani Polytechnic)

Research fields: Lean construction, sustainable building technology, energy efficient building design.

*  Kristýna Vavrušová (Ph.D., VSB-Technical University of Ostrava)

Research fields: Timber, timber structures, agglomerated wood, timber material properties, destructive and non-destructive laboratory testing.

*  Krzysztof Zima (Assistant professor, Cracow University of Technology)

Research fields: Construction cost estimation; Building Information Modeling (BIM); Design & Build and Integrated Project Delivery; Developer companies activity; Evaluation of investment efficiency; Influence of the building shape on the cost of construction; Construction procurement practices.

*  Lalitha Dissanayake (lecturer, Ph.D., University of Peradeniya)

Research fields: Urban fluvial ecosystem management, Fluvial geomorphology, Medical Geography and Solid Waste Management.

*  Larissa Strömberg (Ph.D., Royal Institute of Technology (KTH))

Research fields: Indoor Environment and Moisture Issues; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Wooden materials durability; Environmental assessment of waste water plans; Building Material Durability; Building Certification Schemes: LEED, BREEAM, Ceequal; Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); Life Cycle Cost (LCC); Environmental Product Declaration (EPD); Environmental Management Systems; Green Public Procurement; Supply Chain Management; Project Management; Building Information Modeling (BIM); Workshop Technique.

*  Laura Eboli (Ph.D., University of Calabria)

Research fields: Transit system with particular interest in the measure of service quality, analysis of interaction among land use and transports, and road safety, transit service quality.

*  Laura Fan (Assistant Professor, Tamkang University)

Research fields: Scheduling, project management, construction disputes and BIM.

*  Laura Narvaez (Ph.D., University College London)

Research fields: Architecture Design (Practice/Research Design); Spatial Analysis (Space Syntax); Landscape Architecture; Urban Design.

*  Laurentiu Asimopolos (Senior researcher, National Geological Museum)

Research fields: Geophysics (electromagnetic methods, geoelectric methods, geomagnetism, gravity, thermometry, radiometry, seismology); forward and inverse problems in geophysics; data analyses in geophysics; applied mathematics in geology and geophysics; programming applied in sciences of the Earth; geology and geophysics applied for environment.

*  Lei Hou (Ph.D., Curtin University)

Research fields: 1. Visualization and Interaction; 2. Productivity; 3. Other CM Practices.

*  Leila Fathi (Ph.D., University of Hamburg)

Research fields: Structure, biological and technical properties of wood and wood composites.

*  Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi (Dr., Visiting Lecturer, Ordine degli Architetti di Padova & Landscape Architecture Praxis)

Research fields: Architectural-Urban history / theory, in particular Modern Movement architectural/urban theory and projects, in the Postwar period.

*  Le Zhang (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Florida)

Research fields: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), construction industry ontology, Information Technology (IT) application in construction, construction contracting and delivery methods.

*  Lin Li (Ph.D., University of Akron)

Research fields: Reliability Based Design for Drilled Shafts Stabilizing Slope.

*  Lin Weiwei (Ph.D., Waseda University)

Research fields: Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Structures, Steel Bridge Structures, Redundancy of Bridge Structures; Earthquake Response of Bridge Structures.

*  Liuxian Zhao (Ph.D. candidate, University of Notre Dame)

Research fields: Structural health monitoring, wave propagation, energy harvesting and vibration control, tomography.

*  Lubos Hrustinec (Ph.D., Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava)

Research fields: Subsoil; numerical modeling (Finite Element Method) of the geotechnical structures (such as the shallow and deep foundations, retaining wall, underground structures, earth structures - dams, embankments, etc.) interaction with subsoil; practical design of geotechnical structures (calculation of the bearing capacity and settlements of the foundations and structures); geotechnical monitoring.

*  Luciano Cardellicchio (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Research fields: Construction History; Urban Planning; Mass Customization in construction; Architectural design; Structural design.

*  Luis Saucedo Mora (Ph.D., University of Oxford)

Research fields: Computational fracture mechanics, the mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete structures (specially shear and fatigue) and the statistical methods applied to engineering.

*  Lynda Mulvin (Ph.D., University College Dublin)

Research fields: Architectural history, material culture and classical antiquity, architectural conservation, eighteenth and nineteenth century collectors and collecting.

*  Marco António Ludovico-Marques (Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Barreiro School of Technology of Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal)

Research fields: Geotechnical characterization of rocks and soils. Modeling the mechanical and physical behavior of rocks, building stones and soils. Cultural Heritage. Stone Conservation. Durability assessment. Geotechnical works.

*  Mahboobeh Pirizadeh (Ph.D., Tarbiat Modares University)

Research fields: Earthquake Engineering, Structural Reliability, Seismic risk management, Structural Dynamics, Probabilistic performance-based assessments of irregular steel structures and special buildings, Rehabilitation of existing buildings against seismic and blast loads.

*  Mahalaya Chatterjee (Ph.D., Calcutta University)

Research fields: Urbanisation and related demographic changes, Socio-economic planning in urban areas, Sustainable development etc..

*  Mahdi Motamedmanesh (Ph.D. student, Technical University of Berlin)

Research fields: Ancient building technology with a focus on Achaemenid and Sassanid architecture; Principles of Persian architecture; Historical domes and vaults in the Middle East; The use of geometry in historical construction; Development of structural form; Development of construction systems after the second world war in Europe; The relationship between structural engineering, art and humanities.

*  Mahdi Obaid Karkush (Lecturer, University of Baghdad)

Research fields: Soil mechanics and soil contamination.

*  Mahdy Khari (Ph.D. Candidate, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Research fields: Geotechnical Eng. (included of soil mechanic, soil dynamic such as soil behavior under seismic motions, site response analysis, deep foundation, geotechnical earthquake Eng.).

*  Mahmood Khadem (Assistant Professor, Tarh-E-Now Andishan Consultant Co.)

Research fields: pavement design, asphalt mixture and bitumen technology, rehabilitation and maintenance of asphalt mixture and so relate subjects.

*  Mahmoud Al-Qaryouti (Ph.D., Natural Resources Authority)

Research fields: Seismic (Earthquake) Hazard Assessment & Active Faults, Seismology or Engineering Seismology including seismic hazard and seismic risk assessments.

*  Mahmoud Bensaibi (Professor, American Concrete Institute (ACI))

Research fields: Seismic vulnerability of existing buildings and lifelines; Torsion effects on asymetric buildings; Seismic scenarios.

*  Mahmud bin Mohd Jusan (Associate Professor, University Teknologi Malaysia)

Research fields: Human Behaviour and Architecture. It covers aspects or architectural design (especially user centred-architecture - housing, etc.) and their suitability to the end-users.

*  Manoj Verman (Ph.D., Geodata Engineering, Delhi Office)

Research fields: Tunnelling; Rock Mechanics / Rock Engineering; Non-destructive testing; Geotechnical Engineering; Slope stability.

*  Mansour Nikpour (Ph.D., Taman University)

Research fields: Iranian Traditional Architecture; Sustainable Architecture (specially about following subjects: Energy Conservation; Solar Energy; Heat gain; Day Light).

*  Manuela Maria Tomé (Ph.D., Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional)

Research fields: Cultural Heritage; Architectural Heritage and its recovery, preservation and rehabilitation; Historical Centers; Civil protection in the urban environment; Interventions in historical centers, in the perspective of preparing for emergencies situations.

*  Manuel Touza (Ph.D., Galician Timber Technological Centre (CIS-Madera))

Research fields: Structural assessment and repair of old timber structures, durability by design in outdoor timber projects, wood protection, new products and architectural uses for modified timber (acetylated timber, furfurylated timber, thermally modified timber, etc.).

*  Marco Caniato (Ph.D., Ferrara University)

Research fields: Acoustics, Inner comfort of buildings, Energy saving about buildings.

*  Margarita Kisternaya (Ph.D.,KIZHI State Open-Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography)

Research fields: Timber structures, longevity of timber structures, quality of timber, wood ageing, biodeterioration, monitoring.

*  Maria Bostenaru Dan (Dr., Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning)

Research fields: 1. Cultural heritage, building economics, decision making, earthquake engineering, project management, but also landscape planning and photography.

*  Maria Paola Borgarino (Ph.D., Politecnico di Milano)

Research fields: Built Heritage Conservation and Management; conservation plans; management plans; maintenance; modern heritage.

*  Maria Pregnolato (Ph.D. Candidate, Newcastle University)

Research fields: Urban resilience; urban networks; transport modeling; green and blue infrastructure; urban adaptation; urban planning; probabilistic, statitics, uncertainty and risk; climate change; GIS and spatial analysis; the impact of flooding on urban environment, especially transport networks through fragility curves; building damage due to flooding and risk assessment, through fragility and vulnerability curves.

*  Maria Rossella Massimino (Associate Professor, University of Catania)

Research fields: Static and dynamic soil-structure interaction; shallow and deep foundations; soil constitutive modeling; seismic microzonation; site response analysis; dynamic behavior of soil samples.

*  Marjan Tušar (Ph.D., National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana)

Research fields: Building materials, asphalt, bitumen, recycling, modeling, Statistic and Quality Assurance methods, accreditation.

*  Marta Gangolells (Lecturer, Ph.D., Technical University of Catalonia)

Research fields: Environmental management systems in construction companies, Health and safety management systems in construction companies, Environmental impact assessment and health and safety risk assessment related to the construction processes, Energy consumption in construction sites, Energy management systems in buildings, Life cycle assessment in buildings, Energy consumption in buildings.

*  Maryam Ebrahimpour (Ph.D. Candidate, Islamic Azad university)

Research fields: Landscape architecture and continuous urbanism and urban planning: urban design and urban planning, urban issue by using GIS systems and models (AIDA technique, AHP, etc.) for analyzing urban issues, urban history such as Islamic city.

*  Masoud Malekzadeh (Ph.D., Metal Fatigue Solution Inc.)

Research fields: Structural Health Monitoring/ Structural Identification, Fiber Optic Sensing Technology and Applications for SHM, Structural Control and Seismic Isolation/ Earthquake Engineering, Damage Detection Algorithm ( Parametric/Nonparametric), Life Cycle Assessment and Long Term Monitoring.

*  Massimiliano Lo Turco (Ph.D., Politecnico di Torino)

Research fields: Building Information Modeling (BIM), parametric design and digital modeling in architecture.

*  Mate Sršen (Professor, University of Rijeka)

Research fields: Pavement design and construction technologies, Pavement and Infrastructure (Asset) management systems, Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation technologies, Advancement of social and environmental aspects of sustainable road development.

*  Maziar Asefi (Assistant Professor, Tabriz Art University)

Research fields: 1. Transformable, Kinetic and deployable structures; 2. Building sustainability; 3. Building industriclization and Prefabrication; 4. Adaptable and intelligent buildings; 5. Adaptable Building skins and Facades; 6. Shell and tensile Architectural Structures.

*  Mehrdad Niknam (Ph.D. Candidate, Marquette University)

Research fields: Applications of information technology and computer science in construction.

*  Meghedy Khodabakhshian (Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University of Khorasgan)

Research fields: Sustainable architecture, energy consumption in buildings, green buildings, culture and architecture in Iran and Armenia, with designing and construction experience in different projects.

*  Mehran Mazari (Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso)

Research fields: Transportation Geotechnics; Transportation Infrastructure Materials; Resilient Infrastructures; Mechanistic Behavior of Infrastructure Materials; Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Evaluation (NDE) of Infrastructures; Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils; Modulus-Based Characterization of Infrastructure Materials; Transportation Geotechnics; infrastructure materials; geotechnical engineering; pavements; Data analysis and soft computing, Data Visualization..

*  M.E. Karbaschi (Ph.D. Candidate, Shiraz University)

Research fields: Space Structures; Numerical analysis of Structures Under Wind and Earthquake Loading; Stability analysis of the Structures Using With the F.E. Software as: ANSYS, SAP2000; Seismic Analysis, Design and Retrofitting of Cylindrical steel and Concrete Tanks; Retrofitting of Concrete Structures.

*  Mena I Souliman (Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno)

Research fields: Pavements and transportation materials,Pavement materials design, Fatigue Endurance Limit, characterization and thermal properties, advanced laboratory testing, field performance evaluation, maintenance and rehabilitation techniques, pavement management systems, cement treated bases, statistical analyses, modeling, computer applications in civil engineering.

*  Metin Mutlu Aydin (PhD Candidate, Akdeniz Üniversitesi)

Research fields: Lane changing, Road surface deformations on drivers’ lane utilization, Driver lane choice and utilization behaviors, Optimization of signalized intersections, Dwell time effects of buses, Traffic Engineering and Management, Cellular automata method, Artificial Intelligent and learning, Neuro Fuzzy, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Modern Roundabouts, Traffic Calming, Traffic Flow Theory, Road Safety.

*  Meysam Najimi (Ph.D., University of Nevada-Las Vegas)

Research fields: Concrete Durability; Transport Properties of Concrete;  Concrete Microstructure; Supplementary Cementitious Materials; Alkali-Activated binders; Concrete and Nanotechnology; Waste Utilization in Concrete; High Performance Concrete; Self-Consolidating Concrete; Modeling Concrete Properties.

*  Michael Mehari (Ph.D., Bahirdar University)

Research fields: Sustainable river engineering infrastructures, Flow and sediment transport modelling in rivers and open channels, control and management of sediment in irrigation and hydro-power schemes.

*  Michelle Xiaohong Ling (Associate Professor, South China University of Technology)

*  Min Jae Suh (Ph.D., Sam Houston State University)

Research fields: Sustainability for green building, and my research interests are about the economic impact of green building and the mutual growth of green buildings and their neighbors for sustainable urbanism, and The spillover effect of green buildings.

*  M. Mahadev Achar (Ph.D., Kuvempu University)

Research fields: Structural Engineering at large and earthquake resistant design of reinforced concrete Structures in particular.

*  Mohamed Mahmoud Mahdy Marzouk (Associate Professor, Cairo University)

Research fields: Construction Engineering and Management.

*  Mohammed Alalshikh (Dr., Ministry of Interior)

Research fields: Value Management (VM), Value Engineering (VE) and Risk Management (RM).

*  Mohammad Amin Hariri-Ardebili (Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder)

Research fields: Dam engineering; Seismic analysis; Performance-based earthquake engineering; Concrete constitutive models.

*  Mohammad Imran Hossain (Assistant Professor, Bradley University)

Research fields: Pavement materials, Structural engineering, Finite Element Method modeling and Transportation Engineering.

*  Mohammadullah Hakim Ebrahimi (Ph.D., Kabul Polytechnic University)

Research fields: Construction Management, architectural design, Surveying, Quality management, Construction programming (planning), scheduling and Health and Safety, Gated Community or Project/Construction management.

*  Mohammed Naimi (Ph.D., SNC-Lavalin Inc.)

Research fields: Earthquake engineering applied to structures.

    Monica Alcindor (Ph.D., Scientific Council (ESG))

Research fields: anthropology of building system.

*  Mohammed Salah Mayhoub (Ph.D., Al-Azhar University)

Research fields: Architectural lighting, Daylighting in buildings, Innovative daylighting systems.

*  Mohsen Mohammadzadeh (Ph.D. candidate, University of Auckland)

Research fields: Planning and urban design theory, the philosophical aspects of planning and urban design, urban history, urban morphology and urban transportation.

*  Mojtaba Maghrebi (Ph.D. Candidate, University of New South Wales (UNSW))

Research fields: Machine learning, large scale optimization and simulation in construction management.

*  Monica Bruzzone (Professor, Universities of Genoa and Parma)

Research fields: 1) public buildings; 2) relationship between the landscapes and the new architecture; 3) the materials; 4) the urban dimension (architecture as a part of the city); 5) the 20th century theories and masters.

*  Mônica Peixoto Vianna (Ph.D., University of São Paulo)

Research fields: History of Architecture and Urbanism, Regional Planning, Company Towns, Industrial Heritage and History of Hydroelectric Sector.

*  Monika Podwórna (Ph.D., Wrocław University of Technology)

Research fields: 1. Real Estate – the income approach, the sales comparison approach and the cost approach in the process of valuing real property; 2. Structural Engineering (Civil Engineering) - dynamic analysis of bridge-track-train systems; railway track safety.

*  Muhammad Aun Bashir (Ph.D., University of Engg. & Tech. Lahore)

Research fields: Non linear analysis of Concrete filled steel box connection or Steel Concrete composite structures.

*  Nasser Rostam Afshar (Associate professor, University Malaysia Sarawak)

Research fields: Hydraulic Structures: Spillway aerators, Cavitation, Flood mitigation, sedimentation, River control and training, Irrigation network, Water resources development and Engineering value.

*  Natalia Sobrino (Ph.D. candidate, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

Research fields: Transportation; Climate change mitigation and adaptation; Energy Efficiency; Carbon footprint; Road transport; Vehicular emission models; Assessment methodologies in transport; Mobility surveys and mobility patterns.

*  Neritan Shkodrani (Associate Professor, Polytechnic University of Tirana)

Research fields: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, bearing capacity evaluation of shallow and deep foundations, deep foundation design, CPT test interpretation, CPT base geotechnical calculation, liquefaction evaluation, soil settlement calculations, earth retaining structures, etc..

*  Nezhla Aharizad (Ph.D. candidate, University Technology Malaysia)

Research field: Geomatic Engineering.

*  Ngoc Tri Ngo (Lecturer,  University of Danang)

Research field: engineering issues related to data mining and analytics, artificial intelligence system, and optimization in civil engineering and project management, building energy efficiency, and web-based decision support system.

*  Nick Halakatevakis (Ph.D., National Technical University of Athens)

Research fields: Rock mass failure criteria; analytical estimation of jointed rock strength; support of underground excavations; numerical design of underground excavations; numerical simulation of underground structures interaction; design of slopes and embedded retaining walls; laterally loaded piles; analytical and numerical design of reinforced embankments.

*  Nigel Craig (Senior Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University)

Research fields: Construction management, quality, defects, information technology, process and systems.

*  Nikolai Bobylev (Ph.D., University of Birmingham)

Research fields: Environment, underground space.

*  Nima Amani (Assist. Prof., Dr., Islamic Azad University)

Research fields: Contract Management; Building Information Modeling (BIM); Risk Assessment; Construction Safety & Health; Construction Management; Construction Law; Planning & Scheduling; Construction & Building Sustainability.

*  Nithya Manickam (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Vellore Institute of Technology)

Research fields: Solid wastes, Landfill liners and contaminant migration, Utilization urban industrial waste, Site Remediation, Study on expansive soils, Soil stabilization and improvement, Geosynthetics and their applications in Civil and Environmental Projects.

*  N. Nawari (Ph.D., University of Florida)

Research fields: 1. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standards; 2. BIM in Structural  and Building Design; 3. Automation in Building Design; 4. Information Technology in Design and Construction; 5. Architectural Structures.

*  Noridah Mohamad (Lecturer, Dr., Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Research fields: Structural behavior of precast panel using lightweight/self compacting concrete (SCC).

*  Nouri Fouad Nouri (Dr., Business Support - EVP-BS)

Research fields: Philosophy in engineering, Complex system management and modeling, Dynamic project management, Program and project management, Innovate management in government, public, and private projects, Construction management, Business and organization modeling, Communication plan and modeling, System thinking modeling, Grounded theory modeling, Optimization techniques in civil engineering, Green building /sustainable engineering (LEED), Program/Project planning including scheduling, and  cost & time performance analysis, Project/program planning techniques and tools improvements such as primavera series, Human resources planning and controlling, Risk management, and crisis management, Value engineering studies, Contractual claims, construction Law, and contractual variations.

*  Omid Reza Baghchesaraei (M.Sc., Kharazmi University)

Research fields: Structural engineering, Sustainable construction technology , Construction management , Earthquake engineering, Finite element modelling of concrete structures.

*  Özlem ÇAVDAR (Associate Professor, Karadeniz Technical University)

Research fields: Stochastic finite element analysis of structures, performance analysis of reinforced concrete structures, finite element analysis of structure etc..

*  Pablo Zuluaga Ramírez (Optomechanical Engineer, Public Research Organization)

Research fields: Optomechanics, fatigue of materials, finite element analysis.

*  Patel Indrajit Natwarlal (Professor, B&B Institute of Technology)

Research fields: Fly Ash, concrete technology, structural engineering, sustainable construction technology, use of supplementry cementing materials etc..

*  Paulo Alexandre Tormenta Pinto (Professor, ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute)

Research fields: Architecture; theory and history of architecture; and urbanism; Metropolitan Culture Studies.

*  Paweł Kossakowski (Assistant Professor, Kielce University of Technology)

Research fields: strength of materials, static of structures, steel structures, bridge engineering, building materials engineering, structural mechanics, fracture mechanics, damage mechanics, micro-mechanics, computational mechanics, applied computer science, CAD, CAE, FE simulation, finite element modeling, numerical methods.

*  Pedro Ariel Arrúa (Ph.D., Universidad Tecnológica Nacional)

Research fields: Geotechnical engineering; Soil-foundation interactions; Composite materials; Geo-environmental engineering; Slope stability; Applied numerical methods; Structural analysis; Foundations and earth retaining structure.

*  Pei-shan Chen (Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Research fields: Nonlinear structural analysis: Elastic-Plastic Problems, Geometric nonlinear analysis (buckling, bifurcation), Nonlinear analysis on space frames and tension structures, Shape optimization, Form finding, Structure-Art, Creating new structure systems, Natural structures, Historical structures, Seismic design for high rise and big span buildings, Bubble reinforced concrete.

*  Peter Kurz (Assistant Professor, Vienna Technical University)

Research fields: Landscape architecture and landscape planning, Cultural landscape management, Environmental planning, Rural planning and sustainable regional development, Rural housing, Land use policies and planning, Didactics in planning and management.

*  Petra Liedl (Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin)

Research fields: Holistic planning and building; Building to suit the climate; Interplay building concept and comfort; Planning tools and simulation software.

*  Pingbo Tang (Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Arizona State University)

Research fields: Automation in Construction, Infrastructure Management, Structural Health Monitoring, 3D Sensor Technology for Construction, Construction Management, Bridge Inspection, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition for Civil Engineering Applications.

*  Piotr Jaśkowski (Ph.D., Lublin University of Technology)

Research fields: Project risk management; organization and modeling of construction processes; construction project scheduling; optimization techniques in civil engineering.

*  Pooja Mukund Pathak (Associate Professor, Ph.D., L.A.D and Smt. R.P.College for Women)

Research fields: Interior design and architecture, built environment and impact on human behaviour, environmental psychology.

*  Pooya Paydary (Ph.D. Candidate, Northeastern University, USA)

Research fields: Water treatment, environmental chemistry, water quality and contaminant transformation processes, namely redox, sorption and dissolution of metallic contaminants.

*  Pranshoo Solanki (Assistant Professor, Illinois State University)

Research fields: Characterization of pavement and geotechnical engineering materials (soil, aggregate base, asphalt concrete, recycled asphalt pavement, concrete, rocks), pavement design/instrumentation, subgrade stabilization (cementitious stabilization) and application of numerical techniques such as finite element method and neural networks in pavement / geotechnical engineering.

*  Przemyslaw Baster (Ph.D., University of Agriculture in Krakow)

Research fields: Architecture, landscape architecture, garden art and urban planning.

*  P.S. Uttarwar (Director, Delhi Development Authority)

Research fields: Urban Planning for with application of Remote Sensing & GIS, low cost high density housing.

*  Qais J. Frayyeh (Assistant Professor, University of Technology, Tel Mohamed)

Research fields: Construction material technology and concrete technology.

*  Qiang Hong (Ph.D., Center for Automotive Research (CAR))

Research fields: Vehicle and transportation technologies; Statewide and regional transportation planning; Smart growth and sustainable transportation systems; Motorization in developing countries.

*  QI Baoxin (Lecturer, Ph.D., Shenyang Jianzhu University)

Research fields: 1. numerical simulation analysis of building structures under blast; 2. numerical simulation analysis of building structures under fire and blast; 3. numerical simulation analysis of anti-collapse of building structures.

*  Qing Lu (Assistant Professor, University of South Florida)

Research fields: Pavement design, evaluation, construction, and maintenance, asphalt and asphalt mixtures, infrastructure system management, bridge deck paving.

*  Quan (Chaney) Gao (Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University)

Research fields: Soil-structure interaction under liquefaction, Earthquake liquefaction in layered system, Application of TDR technology in geotechnical engineering, Mechanical properties of anisotropic shale rock, centrifuge model test.

*  Rafael Baltodano Goulding (Ph.D., University of Costa Rica Costa)

Research fields: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics, Geoenvironmental Engineering, Geotechnical Probabilistic Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering applied to Transportation Engineering Projects, Soils Behavior, Slope Stability, Seepage in Soils, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Financial and Productivity Analysis of Civil Engineering Projects.

*  Raheleh Rostami (Ph.D., Iranian Construction Engineering Organization)

Research fields: Architectural and landscape design, history and philosophy, Public Perception and Behavior with regard to urban landscape and integration of their perception and values in planning and management of urban open spaces. Green and Sustainability, and application of Soft-wares in Architecture.

           Rahul V. Ralegaonkar (Associate Professor, Ph.D., VNIT)

Research fields: Green Buildings/Sustainable Construction Engineering.

*  Raja Rizwan Hussain (Ph.D., King Saud University)

Research fields: Civil Engineering, Structures, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Technology, Corrosion.

*  Rajshree Kamat (Ph.D., Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal)

Research fields: Architecture and Urban Planning, Disaster Management.

*  Ralph (Wei) Zhang (Senior Civil Engineer, Edith Cowan University)

Research fields: Railway track and structures, Soil mechanics, and laboratory testing methods in civil engineering field.

*  Rami Khaled AL-Shawabkeh (Dr., University of Brighton)

Research fields: Intelligent and Responsive Buildings, Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, Building Information Modeling, Mixed-use Urban Development, Urban Sprawl and Density Optimization, Rehabilitation of Damaged Sites, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development, Urban Resilience.

*  Ramona Quattrini (Ph.D., Assistant professor, Università Politecnica delle Marche)

Research fields: Digital cultural heritage; Survey of architecture and documentation of cultural heritage; practices and low cost methods; New tools of exhibition for CH; 3D modeling, reality based, virtual reconstruction and dissemination; CAD, BIM and GIS.

*  Raphael W. Crowley (Assistant Professor, University of North Florida)

Research fields: fluid-structure interaction, coastal and water-based structures, bridge scour, laboratory and field instrumentation (automating a testing facility or developing new engineering tests for example), and medium-scale computational fluid modeling (waves striking a bridge deck for example).

*  Rashadul Islam (Ph.D., University of New Mexico)

Research fields: Pavement materials and engineering.

*  Rathnakara Reddy KB (Senior Engineer, Infra Support Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd.)

Research fields: Pavement Design, Pavement Management system, HDM-4, Geometric design and Road way designs.

*  Riitta Niskanen (Adjunct professor, Helsinki University)

Research fields: 20th century European architecture and urban planning.

*  Rim Meziani (Assistant Professor, Abu Dhabi University)

Research fields: Spatial analysis (for example of urban sprawl, etc) using Geographical Information System (GIS), use of sustainable indicators, land use and transportation, Architecture in general.

*  Riyadh Al-Ameri (Senior Lecturer, Deakin University)

Research fields: Composite Structures (concrete, steel, timber, etc.), Composite Materials in structures including Carbon Fibre Polymers, Structural Mechanics, Analytical Solutions, Structural Computations and Structural Design and Optimisation.

*  Rongpeng Zhang (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University)

Research fields: Energy Management for Smart Building/Urban Systems; Building Energy/Lighting/Acoustic Performance Modeling and Simulation Dynamic Optimization of Integrated HVAC Operation/Control; Advanced HVAC System; Green Buildings; Building Heat and Moisture Transfer; Green Building Codes and Standards.

*  Roberto Cuzzilla (Ph.D., University of Naples Federico II)

Research fields: 1) RC bridges (seismic analyses and retrofit); 2) masonry structures (seismic analyses and retrofit).

*  Robert Whitehead (Assistant Professor, Iowa State University)

Research fields: 1. Structural Design Pedagogy for Architects, 2. the relationship between engineering and architectural practice models and education, 3. construction history of design failures.

*  Robert Ziolkowski (Ph.D., Bialystok University of Technology)

Research fields: Road traffic safety, traffic management, analysis of speed and drivers' behaviour.

*  Rui Gomes (Senior Researcher, Universidade de Coimbra - Pólo II)

Research fields: Logistics and Transportation; Metaheuristics; Combinatorial Optimization; Multiple-Objective Optimization and Simulation.

*  Ryoichi Shuto (Architect and Town Planner, Urban Renaissance Agency)

Research fields: Housing design, Swedish collective housing and renewal of housing estates.

*  S. M. Sohel Mahmud (Assistant Professor, BUET)

Research fields: Road safety & Injury Prevention; Accident Prediction Model and Statistical Analysis, Sustainable Transport & City Planning; Land use and transportation planning; Traffic control and management, Geographic Information System (GIS), Intelligent Transport System (ITS); Accident Reconstruction; Transport Materials; Building design, drawing, supervision; Project management, Cost estimation and Civil engineering software skill etc..

*  Sabid Zekan (Dr., University of Tuzla)

Research fields: Soil and Rock laboratoy testing, Landslide investigation and stabilisation, Foundation engineering.

*  Sabina Cerimagic (Ph.D., Bond University)

Research fields: Project management, cross-cultural management, project management and cross-cultural leadership and communication.

*  Said Elias (Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

Research fields: 1. Structural Dynamics and Vibration Control; 2. Earthquake Engineering; 3. Blast, and Wind Engineering; 4. Finite Element Methods; 5. Pre-stressed Concrete Structures; 6. Bridge Engineering.

*  Sarūnas Skuodis (Ph.D.candidate, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU))

Research fields: Experimental and numerical soil mechanics; Morphology parameters; Mechanical soil properties.

*  Sasa Tasic (Assistant Professor, University “SS. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje)

Research fields: Housing, architectural design and social aspect of residential architecture.

*  Satish Bhagat  (Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Research fields: Earthquake Engineering, Base Isolated Structures, Finite Element Analysis of Structures, Reinforced Concrete Structures, High-Rise Buildings.

*  S.B. Malekzadeh (Ph.D. candidate, AmirKabir University of Technology)

Research fields: 1.Tunneling operation; 2.Geological issues related to tunneling operation; 3.Geotechnical investigation; 4.Instrumentation and monitoring operation; 5.Risk analysis of tunneling operation; 6.Mining operation; 7.Drilling and blasting in mines; 8.Control blasting in mines; 9.Investigation on surface and subsurface displacements related to underground excavation.

*  Seyed Mohammadreza Ghadiri (Ph.D., Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST))

Research fields: Transportation engineering, particularly Intelligent Transportation Systems.

*  S. Girish (Professor, Ph.D., BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE))

Research fields: Concrete Technology, in particular, self - compacting concrete (SCC), rheology of concrete and recycled aggregate concrete/concrete using waste material.

*  Shan, Yongwei (Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University)

Research fields: Construction Productivity Measurement and Improvement; Building Information Modeling for Construction; Construction Labor and Personnel Issues; Infrastructure Asset Management.

*  Shriniwas S Arkatkar (Assistant Professor, Birla Institute of Technology and Science)

Research fields: 1.Traffic Flow Modelling and Simulation; 2.Traffic Operation and Management, Data Collection; 3.Road Safety; 4.Transportation Systems Planning, Design and Operation; 5.Sustainable Transportation.

*  Shruti H. Kapoor (Associate Professor, CT Institute of Architecture and Planning)

Research fields: Bioclimatic Architecture; Sustainability in Architecture.

*  Siamak Epackachi (Adjunct Professor, University at Buffalo)

Research fields: 1.Plasticity of steel and concrete materials; 2.Nonlinear analysis of any structural component; 3.Finite element or analytical modeling of any structural component; 4.Experimental study to investigate the local and global behavior of any structural component; 5.Time dependent (creep and shrinkage) of concrete structures; 6.Experimental or numerical studies on adhesive anchors embedded in concrete.

*  Siavash Sajedi (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Akron)

Research fields: Analysis and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete members; Nonlinear finite element analysis; Repair and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures; Durability design of reinforced concrete structures; Concrete technology; Corrosion; Concrete shrinkage and creep; Reliability analysis and risk assessment.

*  Silvia Brunoro (Professor, University of Ferrara)

Research fields: Sustainable refurbishment, energy efficiency and innovation of technologies and materials.

*  Silvia Vilčeková (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Technical University of Kosice)

Research fields: Indoor environmental quality; indoor nitrogen oxides; building environmental assessment; sustainable/green building design.

*  Simonetta Armondi (Ph.D., Politecnico di Milano)

Research fields: Urban design, planning practices, landscape planning, urban and regeneration policy, regional policy and planning, urban studies.

*  Sina Kazemian (Assistant Professor, Bojnourd University)

Research fields: Geotechnical Engineering in Civil Engineering.

*  Sina Razzaghi Asl (Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University)

Research fields: Urban Street Design, Place-making Process, Urban Landscape Planning, Urban Form, Urban Policy and Public Policy, Urban Development Process, Urban Change, Urban Development and Economy, Urban Restoration and Conservation, Technology and Urban Architecture, Design Codes.

*  S.M. Zahurul Islam (Assistant Professor, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology)

Research fields: Cold-formed steel structures; Thin-walled structures; Stainless steel structures; Aluminum structures; Strengthening of steel and aluminum structures with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP).

*  Soliman Amr Abu-Samra (M.Sc., Concordia University)

Research fields: 1. Optimization problems and algorithms (Construction-related); 2. Infrastructure Asset Management (District Cooling, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, Pipelines, Highways, Landscape, etc...); 3. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) as well as performance contracts (Performance-based road maintenance contracts); 4. Construction equipment planning and trade-off decisions; 5. Construction and/or Real estate planning; 6. Decision support system for construction and/or infrastructure; 7. Advanced Construction technologies; 8. Tunelling and Trenchless Technologies; 9. Scheduling and Resources allocation (Construction-related); 10. Other topics relevant to the construction or infrastructure management.

*  Spyridon Kouris (Ph.D., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Research fields: Vulnerability and Seismic behavior of Bell-Towers; Strengthening and Restoration of Historical Constructions; Dynamic Analysis of Masonry Structures.

*  Sri Sunarjono (Senior Lecturer, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS))

Research fields: Pavement materials especially in the cold-mix recycling work.

*  Stefania Lirer (Ph.D., University of Napoli Federico II)

Research fields: Geotechnical characterization of granular materials, soil liquefaction, slope stabilization techniques, soil improvement techniques (jet-grouting, low pressure grouting, soil nailing), numerical modelling.

*  Steve Kardinal Jusuf (Dr., National University of Singapore)

Research fields: Sustainable urban planning; Urban heat island; Green building / Building energy consumption.

*  Sudhir Varma (PhD candidate, Michigan State University)

Research fields: 1) Non-destructive testing (Falling Weight Deflectometer, FWD), 2) Material characterization of asphalt mixtures, 3) Sustainability evaluation of pavement materials, 4) Crumb rubber modified asphalt.

*  Sukaina Adnan Almousa (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Sheffield)

Research fields: Multidisciplinary views on architecture; Art and architecture overlapping concepts; Perception of place; Embodiment and interactivity in space; Temporary spaces; Mediation and illusion in contemporary installation art/architecture; Memories of architecture; Philosophies in contemporary art and architecture (Deleuze, Derrida, Walter Benjamin).

*  Sundararajan Natarajan (Ph.D., UNSW)

Research fields: Thin walled structures, computational mechanics (FEM, meshfree methods, isogeometric analysis, extended FEM, enrichment methods), Vibration, buckling, post-buckling, composite mechanics, functionally graded materials, Fracture Mechanics.

*  Suresh Parashar (Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University (NTU))

Research fields: Geotechnical Engineering with special emphasis on Large Underground Construction such as Tunnels, Deep Foundations, Cut-off Walls, Deep Excavations, Earth Retaining Systems, Ground Improvement etc..

*  Suseno Kramadibrata (Ph.D., Institut Teknologi Bandung)

Research fields: Laboratory and field experimentation on rock mechanics as well fracture mechanics, rock mass characterization for slope stability and underground opening, ground breaking by mechanical and blasting process, risk assessment related to rock mechanics, Rock mechanics, rock cutting, drill & blast, Mine safety.

*  Svetlana Sheina (Professor, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences)

Research fields: Real Estate Management, Urban Planning and Community Development, GIS for Civil Building and Urban Engineering.

           Tammam Bakeer (Post-doctoral associate, Dresden University of Technology)

Research fields: Numerical simulation of structures: structural masonry, historic masonry. Dynamic actions on masonry structures and architectural heritage, especially earthquake retrofitting and enhancement of resistance. Strengthening, repair and maintenance of historical structures of architectural and archaeological heritage. Numerical simulation of masonry structures: seismic analysis, collapse analysis, impact analysis, stability analysis, and fire simulation. Partial safety design method for non-linear problems.

*  T.D. Gunneswara Rao (Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology, Warangal)

Research fields: Concrete Technology, Torsion of RC structures and fracture mechanics of concrete structures.

*  Tiago Miguel Ferreira (Research fellow, University of Aveiro)

Research fields: seismic vulnerability; seismic behaviour of masonry structures; rehabilitation/retrofit of old masonry buildings; seismic risk at urban scale masonry structures, structural response, material analysis, experimental testing and rehabilitation/retrofitting; and  analysis of urban risks.

*  Tuan Anh Tran (Ph.D. candidate, RMIT University)

Research fields: Developing resilient housing for disaster prone regions; on background of architect, dealing with cultural appropriateness and sensibility in housing design and reconstruction (architectural and constructional) after natural disasters, and with community engagement and satisfaction in the whole process of a post-disaster housing reconstruction or rehabilitation.

*  Tuba Kütük-Sert (Assistant Professor, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University)

Research fields: Stress Distribution in Road Layers [Asphalt Concrete, Base, Subbase, Subgrade] and Sub Layers Design; Geogrid Reinforced Materials used for Highway and Railway Embankments; Pullout Tests used for Geogrids; Asphalt Materials and Properties; Asphalt Additives; Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture Design; Aggregate Gradation Distribution for Asphalt Concrete.

*  Tuncay Kamas (Ph.D., Osmangazi University)

Research fields: Span ultrasonic vibration, elastic wave propagation, and structural health monitoring (SHM): active materials and smart structures (LAMSS) and proactively involved in SHM and active sensing related projects, theoretical developments for modeling thickness mode electromechanical impedance spectroscopy (EMIS) of piezoelectric wafer active sensor (PWAS); developed proof mass PWAS (PM-PWAS) transducer for tuning the ultrasonic wave modes; developed analytical EMIS model of Bio-PWAS; and developed a guided wave technique in welded thick structures.

*  Vaishali Sahu (Assistant Professor, ITM University)

Research fields: Water and waste water(treatment, management. new technologies), Waste management (reuse of industrial by-products, solid waste management, waste to energy etc), Building material and concrete(use of non-conventional, by-products, waste material in building construction).

*  Valentina Cristini (Assistant professor, Universitat Politècnica de València)

Research fields: Preservation, Vernacular or Monumental Architecture, Traditional Constructive Techniques and Raw Materials (i.e. brickworks, rammed earth walls, masonries, lime& gypsum mortars etc.).

*  Varvara Roubtsova (Ph.D., Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec)

Research fields: Modeling of viscous transient fluid flow under different conditions; Modeling of floods and dams disasters; Modeling of water-soils interaction at micro scale; Modeling of  the soil-stress under different conditions at micro scale; Numerical methods: DEM (Discrete Element Method), MAC (Marker and Cell method), TVD (Total Variation Diminishing), SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) and others.

*  Vasileios Sarhosis (Ph.D., University of Leeds)

Research fields: Computational model for masonry that can be used to study different strengthening methods for single leaf masonry wall panels containing openings, computational model to assess the potentials and risks of the Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) operation and permanent storage of CO2 in UCG cavities, (improve the resilience of masonry structures by producing sustainable, low cost engineering solutions).

*  Vera Indrawati Judarta (Dr., University of Indonesia)

Research fields: Cement and cementitious material properties.

*  Vesna Živković (Ph.D.candidate, University of Belgrade)

Research fields: Preventive conservation for cultural heritage, with focus on environmental management for cultural heritage, risk management for cultural heritage, emergency management for cultural heritage, as well as standardization in the field of preservation of cultural heritage; climate control, storage reorganization and projects of adaptation and reconstructions giving them terms of reference for the projects, from the point of view of preventive conservation.

*  Vibek Gupta (M.Sc., Tribhuvan University)

Research fields: Urban transport, Transport Planning and Management, Public Transport, Road Safety.

*  Victor Sánchez Pescador (Ph.D., University of Las Palmas)

Research fields: Urban environment in general and touristic cities, urban transports systems in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, urban comfort and urban sustainability, social relationships inside the cities.

*  Viera Somorová (Assistant Professor, STU Bratislava)

Research field: Facility management.

*  Vilas M Inamdar (Dr., College of Military Engineering)

Research fields: Structural analysis classical and matrix, Structural Dynamics, Theory of Elasticity, stability analysis (not concrete) Structural Analysis/Theory of Structures, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake engineering, Theory of Elasticity, Plates and shells, Finite Element analysis and anything relating to mathematical modelling in Structural Engineering.

  • Vincent Totok Noerwasito (Lecturer, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya)

Research fields: Material architecture, perspective of embodied energy and thermal.

*  Wael Walid Al-Azhari (Associate Professor, University of Jordan)

Research fields: Computer aided architectural design, building information modeling, space syntax, and shape grammar in architecture.

*  Waleed Abdul-Razzaq Abbas (Assistant Professor, University of Technology, Baghdad)

Research fields: Building Materials Engineering, Advanced Concrete Technology, Lightweight Concrete, Fiber reinforced concrete and mortar, Supplementary cementitious materials.

*  Walid Hamdy Mohammed El Kamash (Assistant Professor, Suez Canal University)

Research fields: Geotechnical Engineering; Geofoam, piled raft, widening embankment.

*  Walter Salazar (Dr., Seismic Research Centre UWI)

Research fields: Earthquake Engineering/Engineering Seismology, strengthen the science/engineering interface between engineers and seismologists: a) Composition of earthquake catalogues and seismicity evaluation; b) Development of Ground Motion Prediction Equations; c) Inversion analysis of strong ground motion data, with emphasis on site effects evaluation; d) Seismic Hazard Assessment, developing uniform hazard spectrum for structural design of buildings; e) Microtrermos measurements on ground and structures.

*  Wei-Chien Wang (Assistant Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University)

Research fields: Concrete Science and Technology, Advanced Engineering Materials, Concrete Materials, Electrochemical Technique Applied on Concrete Structure, Utilization of Recycled Materials.

*  Wei Lu (Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Research fields: Traffic Engineering and Operation, Transportation Infrastructure Safety, Building and Road Safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

*  White José dos Santos (Professor, Federal University of Minas Gerais)

Research fields: Materials and construction components, construction technologies and alternative materials for construction.

*  Winny Astuti (Ph.D., Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta)

Research fields: Housing and Human Settlements Development, especially in the issues of Participatory Planning and Community based Development and Poverty Alleviation.

*  Xiangmin Guo (Guess Professor, IUAV University)

Research fields: Urban design, Architecture design, Chinese architecture review.

*  Xiaohua Yi (Ph.D candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Research fields: Multi-physics simulation; Structural health monitoring and damage detection; Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering; Antenna sensor system design and validation; Wireless sensing networks.

*  Xing Su (Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville)

Research fields: Building Information Modeling, Geographic Information Science, Human factors in construction safety, Human spatial perception ability, Human-system interface design.

*  Xu Xinhua (Professor, Huazhong University of Science & Technology)

Research fields: Renewable energy, Building thermal and moisture transfer process analysis, Building energy efficiency technology, Dynamic simulation of building systems, HVAC and BMS system fault detection and diagnosis, Optimal and robust control of air-conditioning systems, Dynamic simulation of building systems, Optimal control and performance diagnosis of HVAC system and building system, Intelligent building (IB) and system integration.

*  Yashar Mohamadi (M.Sc., Eastern Mediterranean University)

Research fields: Building Information Modelling (BIM); Building energy performance modelling; Residential energy consumption; Sustainable construction; Waste management.

*  Yasushi Uematsu (Professor, Tohoku University)

Research fields: Architectural Wind Engineering (wind effects on buildings and structures, wind environment, wind power generation etc.).

*  Yee Yan Lim (Senior lecturer, Southern Cross University)

Research fields: 1. Smart based structural health monitoring using piezoelectric transducer; 2. Vibration based energy harvesting using piezoelectric material.

*  Yerramala Amarnath (Associate Professor, Intell Engineering college)

Research fields: Construction materials; Sustainable development; Recycled and secondary aggregates; and Light weight concrete.

*  Yi Zhao (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Arkansas)

Research fields: (1) Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Testing: Consolidation tests; Soil Dynamic Properties Testing; (2) Geotechnical Field Testing; (3) Numerical Modeling.

*  Yoon Soo Lee (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

Research fields: Building simulation, building energy efficiency, agent-based modeling, human behavior in buildings, thermal comfort, integrated design in architecture.

*  Young-Jin Shin (Ph.D., Samsung C&T Corporation)

Research fields: Tunnel and underground structure, in particular tunneling under groundwater.

*  Youyi Feng (M.Sc., West Virginia University)

Research fields: Construction health and safety monitoring (based on visual sensing techniques); Applied Photo/videogrammetry and computer vision in construction graphics modeling, quantity surveying, and augmented reality; Construction Surveuying-Automation-Integration; Advanced information technologies in civil engineering.

*  Yukio Tamura (Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University)

Research fields: Wind Engineering in general; Wind resistant design of buildings; Vibration control; System identification.

*  Zhang Hui-rong (Lecturer, Beijing University of Technology)

Research fields: Construction project management and construction risk management, construction management.

*  Zhang Yuling (Professor, Zhejiang Shuren University)

Research fields: Fatigue performance of steel structure and fatigue test; performance and design standard of steel material for steel bridge; determination of bridge design loading standard; bridge manufacture standard, manufacture automatically; bridge detection and monitoring; bridge design by limited state of reliability theory and by allowable stress design method.

*  Zhengxian Yang (Ph.D. candidate, Delft University of Technology)

Research fields: 1. Durability of concrete and cementitious systems; 2. Environmental sustainability (including self-healing) of construction and building materials; 3. Cement chemistry.

*  Zhirui Ye (Ph.D., Montana State University)

Research fields: Traffic safety, traffic operations, and winter highway maintenance.

*  Zoe Georgiadou (Professor, Technological Educational Institute of Athens)

Research fields: Interior architecture; Interior design; Aesthetics and philosophy for architecture and design; Social aspects in architecture and design.

*  Zoltán András Vattai (Associate professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME))

Research fields: 1. Construction Management: Time and cost estimates; Risk Management; Site-Layout Design, Construction Equipment, On-Site Management (Site Engineering, Deep and High Construction, Bridges, Tunnels, Railways), Health and Safety Coordination; 2. Operations Research (Management Science): Network Techniquies (PERT, CPM, PDM, etc.); Scheduling (Sequencing, Flow-Shop Scheduling).

*  Olga Smirnova (Ph.D., Technical University of Dresden)

Research fields: Concrete (mix, properties, application), binders, admixture for concrete.

*  Hemant Tiwari (M.Sc., IOE)

Research fields: Traffic and Transport Modelling, Transportation Planning and Management, Road and Traffic Safety, Parking Management, Sustainable Urban Transportation, Traffic Engineering and Management.

*  Daniela Isidori (Ph.D., Loccioni Group)

*  Joan Ramon Dacosta i Díaz. (Ph.D., Education Department of the Catalan Administration)

*  Bishnu Prasad Devkota (Lecturer, Pokhara University)

Research fields: pedestrian safety, road network analysis as well as transportation planning.

*  Qian Chen (M.Sc., Tongji University)

Research fields: data analytics (clustering analysis, evaluation processes) for construction projects and building facility maintenance projects. I am also interested in building information modeling and housing industrialization.

*  Adel Vatandoost (Ph.D.,  Fortescue Metals Group Ltd)

Research fields:  Geometallurgy or any aspect of geosciences that can improve mineral processing.

*  Behnam Kiani (Ph.D., The University of Akron)

Research fields: concrete, Shrinkage and creep of concrete, fiber reinforced concrete (FRC), and foamed concrete.

*  Ehsan Mostavi (Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University)

Research fields: Construction materials: self healing concrete, Optimization: Heuristic optimization methods, including Harmony Search (HS), Genetic Algorithm, and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Building energy performance: Energy models, occupant and energy performance, optimization of energy parameters.

*  Letícia Palazzi Perez (Ph.D., University of São Paulo)

Research fields: GIS, Open Maps, Urban Planning and Informal Settlements / Social Housing, Risk and Hydrology.

*  Vincenzo Costanzo (Ph.D., University of Reading)

Research fields: sustainable building design, building and urban energy simulations, passive cooling, thermal and visual comfort, daylighting, green buildings, solar energy, natural ventilation.

*  Pouye Yazdi (Ph.D., Technical University of Madrid)

Research fields: statistical and physics-based Seismology.

*  Łukasz Apiecionek  (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University in Bydgoszcz)

Research fields: IT network security, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence.

*  Jeyoung Woo (Ph.D., University of Texas)

*  J. Bhattacharjee (Ph.D., Amity University)

Research fields: i) Disaster & Disaster management; ii) Repair/Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Structures; iii) Latest development in  Reinforced Concrete structures.

*  Panagiotis Parthenios (Associate Professor, Technical University of Crete)

Research fields: architecture,  digital media, 3D modeling, music and architecture, architectural design process, conceptual architectural design.

*  Panagiotis Bazios (Dr., COMES S.r.l. Engineering Company)

Research fields: structural and architectural projecting field with experience of restore and consolidation of important monuments.

*  Hooman Hoornahad (Ph.D., Concrete Research and Education Center / American Concrete Institute (ACI))

Research fields: rheology of fresh cement-based materials, especially concrete. Concrete rheology deals with characterizing and evaluation of flow of fresh concrete.

            Consiglia Mocerino (Professor, Sapienza University of Rome-Miur)

  Research fields: technological innovation, sustainable and smart systems, AI, efficiency energy and environmental requalification of buildings.

*  Martins Vilnitis (Assistant Professor, Riga Technical University)

Research fields: Construction technology and materials.

*  Marina I. Kozhukhova (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin)

Research fields: Cement and other inorganic binders and concrete on their base; Polymers; Hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, icephobic materials (composites, coatings and admixtures); Geopolymers; Cellular concrete; Gypsum composites; Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in construction material science; Microstructural characterization.

*  Mohsen Maniat (Ph.D, The University of Memphis)

Research fields: Optimization, Structural Health Monitoring, Non-destructive damage detention, Photogrametry, Non-contact sensing, Image processing, Signal processing, Model updating, Artificial Neural Network, Big Data.

*  Agim Seranaj (civil engineer, Polytechnic University of Tirana)

Research fields: civil engineering structures (linear and non linear static and dynamic/seismic Analysis) and Earthquake Engineering.

*  Mariella Diaferio (Ph.D, Università degli Studi di Firenze)

Research fields: Design and validation of seismic protection devices; Wind effects on bridges; structural identification; Dynamical response to near-field ground motion; nonlinear structures; damage detection; structural monitoring.

*  Georgios V. Seretis (Ph.D., Riga Technical University)

Research fields: composite materials; polymer matrix composites; metal matrix composites; fabrics/textiles; particulate composites;
laminated composites; fiber-reinforced composites; microscopy; metallography; deformation mechanisms; fracture modes.

*  Yuntao Wang (Ph.D, University of Georgia)

Research fields: Coastal Modeling, Air-sea interaction, Front activity, Coastal upwelling, Eastern Boundary Current System, Fishery, Monitoring, Stock assessment.

*  Armando Cartenì (Ph.D., University of Naples)

Research fields: transportation planning; transportation decision-making process and public engagement; sustainable mobility (vehicles, energy, policies); public transport (quality, planning, behaviour); discrete choice models for transport user behaviour;

 freight transport and container terminal simulation modelling.

*  Larissa Strömberg (Nordic Construction Company)

Research fields: Indoor Environment and Moisture Issues, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Wooden materials durability, Environmental assessment of waste water plans, Building Material Durability, Building Certification Schemes: LEED, BREEAM, Ceequal, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Environmental Management Systems, Green Public Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Workshop Technique. 

*  Dayi Ou (associate professor, Huaqiao University)

Research fields: Acoustics, Building Acoustics, Vibration, Environmental noise, Urban sound environment.

*  Alessandro Vittorio Bergami (Assistant Professor, University Roma Tre - Rome)

Research fields: seismic engineering and structural engineering, assessment of existing structures, base isolation, design of seismic retrofittig with dissipative devices, non linear analysis of buildings and bridges, non conventional structural materials: FRP, UHPC, UHPFRCs.

    Gerardo Carpentieri (Research Fellow, University of Naples Federico II)

Research fields: Urban planning, accessibility planning, energy.

   MAHDI HOSSEINI (Research Scientist, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad)

Research fields: Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Structural Design, Reinforced Concrete Structures and Earthquake Engineering.


Research fields: Structural Engineering.

   Elias Ali (Lecturer, Ph.D., The University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Research fields: 1. Structural Engineering (both steel and concrete) 2. Construction and building materials 3. Composite materials 4. Impact and seismic analysis 5. Fire safety and design of structures.

    Sandra Reinstädtler  (Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer), Independent Scientist as University of Technology Dresden  (TUD) - Alumna, Dresden, Germany; Former External Doctoral Researcher and former Scientific Associate, Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Process Engineering and Faculty of Environment and Natural Sciences, Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg, Department of Environmental Planning, Cottbus, Germany, and former Visiting Lecturer, Geography, Environment and Development Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), University Brunei Darussalam (UBD), Gadong, Brunei))

  Research fields: Land and Environmental Systems Science; Sustainability Science; SDGs; Spatial, Regional, Environmental, Land Use and Landscape Planning; Climate Adaptation and Mitigation (Climate Smart Planning, CSP); EIA, SEA; Integrated Drought and Water Management (IDWM) on Landscape Scale; Landscape-Water Balance; (Disaster) Risk and Crisis Management on Landscape Scale.

   Reshad Md, Ekram Ali (Adjunct Faculty, Department of Disaster Science and Climate Resilience Dhaka University, Bangladesh)

Research fields: Environmental Geology and Geo-hazards.

   Marta Casanova (PhD,Research fellow, University of Genoa DAD - Architecture and Design Department Polytechnic School, Italy)

Research fields: architectural heritage analysed in its constructive and technological features.

   Mohammad Meghdadian (PhD,Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran)

Research fields: 1.Structural Engineering 2.Earthquake Engineering 3.Composite Structure.

  Tamer AL-Shyoukhi (Master of Science,Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt)

Research fields: 1. Skirted Foundations; 2. Piles; 3. Group Piles; 4. Foundations' Bearing Capacity; 5. Foundations' Settlement; 6. Deep Excavations' Supporting Systems.

   Muhammad Faisal (Dr,Allama Iqbal Open University, Pakistan)

Research fields: AI architecture and Civil engineering.


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