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Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering

Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering

ISSN: 2159-5879(Print) 2159-5887(Online)
Frequency: quarterly
Volume 13, Number 2, Apr.-June 2023 (Serial Number 46)

☆   Prof. Dr. Dang Van Uy (Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam)

Research fields: Maritime Engineering sciences, Automation technology, Ship’s Technology & biofuel technology

☆   Prof. Dr. Zurab Bezhanovi (Batumi State Maritime Academy, Georgia)

Research fields: Maritime Education & Training

☆   Prof. Capt. Sameh Kabary Rashed (Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt)

Research fields: Risk management and ship's Safety, Importance of Human element in shipping industry, search and rescue operations and calculations & Maritime Human Reliability analysis

☆   Prof. Liu Xiao-pei (Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College, China)

Research fields: English teaching, teaching methodology, maritime English teaching & translation

☆   Prof. Marko Pavliha (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

       Research fields: maritime law, law of the sea, transport law, marine insurance law, legal ethics, legal philosophy

☆   Prof. Michael Doubrovsky (Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine)

Research fields: Port and harbor engineering, geotechnical & offshore engineering

☆   Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Essallamy (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt)

Research fields: Maritime Safety, Security & Environmental Protection/Management

☆   Prof. Silvia Elvira Maria Piardi (Department Design Politecnico di Milano, Italy) 

       Research fields: Interior Design/ yacht and cruise ship interior design

☆   Prof. Yiannis Savvidis (A.T.E.I.Th, Greece)

Research fields: Coastal Engineering, Physical Oceanography, Marine Hydrodynamics & Sediment Transport Numerical modelling of marine hydrodynamics

☆   Ass. Prof. Dr. Irina Dovbischuk (University of Bremen, Germany)

        Research fields: International logistics, transport economics, regional development and cluster management

☆   Ass. Prof. Dr. Penghui Gao (China University of Mining and Technology, China)

Research fields: Desalination, heat and mass transfer & thermodynamic analysis

  Ass. Prof. Dr. Tran Gia Thai (Nha Trang University, Viet Nam)

        Research fields: Naval Architecture

☆   Ass. Prof. Dr. Zhaobin Pei (Dalian Ocean University, China)

Research fields: Maritime Criminal Investigation, Maritime Security & Enforcement, Maritime Rights & Comprehensive Law Enforcement, Marine Administrative Law & Marine Law

☆   Ass. Prof. Chen Zhenyan (Jimei university, China)

Research fields: Maritime English

☆   Ass. Prof. Evangelia A. Karagianni (Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece)

Research fields: Microwaves, Antennas, Navigation Radars, MMIC, RF, EMC, RFI, Microwave Filters & Low Noise Amplifiers

☆   Ass. Prof. Gorana Jelic Mrcelic (Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split)

Research fields: Fouling, Aquaculture, Environmental protection

☆   Asst. Prof. Dr. Gholam Reza EMAD (Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Launceston Tasmania)

Research fields: Human Element, Maritime Education and Training, Qualitative Research, Communities of Practice, Adult and Vocational Education

☆   Asst. Prof. Dr. Kareem Mahmoud Tonbol (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt)

Research fields: Physical Oceanography, Meteorology, Climate Change

☆   Asst. Prof. Dr. Nebil YÜCEL (Iskenderun Technical University, Turkey)

Research fields: Marine Microbiology, Primary and Bacterial Production, Heterotrophic and Autotrophic Bacteria, Eutrophication, Limiting Factors and Productivity

☆   Asst. Prof. Dr. Taehwee Lee (Pai Chai University, South Korea)

Research fields: Shipping, Port & Logistics

☆   Asst. Prof. Vladlen Feliksovitch Shapo (National University Odessa Maritime Academy, Ukraine)

      Research fields: industrial/maritime automation, computers and PLCs; programming; hardware; complex software systems; industrial data transfer networks; corporate computer networks; wireless technologies; Industry 4.0 technologies; cloud technologies; industrial cyber security; e-learning (distance learning) in education and qualification enhancement; training systems and simulators development and its implementing in education; maritime education; renewable (solar) energy systems implementing

☆   Dr. Ahmad Fitriadhy (University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia)

Research fields: Ship Design, Course Stability of Course Stability of Ship & Ship's Manoeuvering

☆   Dr. Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Ahmed (Hydraulics Research Institute, Egypt)

Research fields: Coastal Engineering

☆   Dr. Ana Mendonça (Departamento de Hidráulica e Ambiente, Portugal)

Research fields: Submarine outfalls, Boussinesq models & Artificial surfing reefs

☆   Dr. Andrea Coraddu (DAMEN Shipyard R&D Department, Singapore)

Research fields: Propulsion plants simulations and control, data mining & seakeeping and powering computational techniques with meteo-marine forecasting resources

☆   Dr. Boris Espinasse (Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, France)

Research fields: Plankton distribution and population dynamics, functioning of coastal ecosystem in relation with physical processes, optical methods & their applications in biological oceanography research

☆   Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas (John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Arevalo, Philippines)

Research fields: Biology and Chemistry-Maritime Related Fields

☆   Dr. Carlos Norman (University OF Cadiz,Spain)

Research fields: Marine ecology, artificial reefs & management ecology

☆   Dr. Carmen Chirea-Ungureanu (Constanta Maritime University, Romania)

Research fields: Maritime English & Communication- English at Sea

☆   Dr. Chuanyuan Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Research fields: Oil spill identification, petroleum pollution & its ecologic effect

☆   Dr. CJ Beegle-Krause (SINTEF, Norway)

Research fields: Oil spill modeling & Emergency decision support

☆   Dr. Dan Malika Gunasekera (CINEC Maritime Campus, Sri Lanka)

Research fields: Law of the Sea & Maritime Law

☆   Dr. Daniel Mihai Toma (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)

Research fields: Digital electronics and marine and underwater platforms and instrumentation

☆   Dr. Danya Xu (CENSAM, Singapore)

Research fields: Physical Oceanography; Numerical modeling and data assimilation of OGCM, paleoceanography & climate change

☆   Dr. Deeptha Thattai (SRM University, India)

Research fields: Hydrodynamics, numerical modeling, coastal ecosystems, coastal oceanography & coastal zone management

☆   Dr. Dogan Ugur Sanli (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey)

Research fields: Sea level rise due to changing climate from a geodetic perspective, analysis of sea level/tide gauge records, monitoring sea level using tide gauge data and GPS

☆   Dr. Dolores Esteban (UPM, Spain)

Research fields: Marine renewable energies, coastal & harbor engineering

☆   Dr. Eduardo Blanco-Davis (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)

Research fields: Life cycle assessment applied to shipboard operations and machinery, marine environmental protection and regulation –including emission control–, ship ballast water management and alternatives & environmentally sound marine propulsion systems

☆   Dr. Elina Bakradze (Head of The Atmospheric Air, Water and Soil Analyses Laboratory)

Research fieldsChemistry, ecology

☆   Dr. Evi Plomaritou (Lloyds Maritime Academy, Greece)

Research fields: Chartering, Shipping Marketing & Shipping Management

☆   Dr. Giulia De Masi (Snamprogetti Center of Excellence, Italy)

Research fields: Ocean Engineering, Metocean Analysis, Operational Oceanography, Random Sea Simulations and Applications to Naval Operations, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Forecasting techniques & Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulations (CFD)

☆   Dr. Haradhan Maity (Indian Statistical Institute, India)

Research fields: Applied Fluid Mechanics Related to River Dynamics, Mechanics of Turbulence, Erosion/Scouring & Sediment Transport in Rivers

☆   Dr. Henry M. Manik (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)

Research fields: Ocean Acoustics, Marine Instrumentation & Underwater Robotics

Dr. I Gusti Bagus Sila Dharma (Udayana University, Indonesia)

Research fields: Port Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Hydraulics (undergraduate studies), Coastal Zone Management, Design of Coastal Structures, Theory and Groundwater Modeling & Advanced Hydraulics

☆   Dr. Ivo Dreiseitl (Interoceanmetal Joint Organization, Poland)

Research fields: Marine geology, engineering geology of deep seabed sediments including polymetallic nodules

☆   Dr. Jakub Montewka (Aalto University, Finland)

Research fields: Maritime accidents (collision and grounding) & its consequences (oil spills, structural damages, ship loss)

☆   Dr. Jinhai Zheng (Hohai University, China)

Research fields: Wave theory, wave modeling, wave-current interactions, wave-structure interactions, tidal current modeling, sediment transport in estuaries and coasts & coastal and estuarine morphology

☆   Dr. Jose Gonzalez (Lloyd’s Register Global Technology Centre, UK)

Research fields: Ships, Biofouling, Microfouling, Macrofouling, Seawater, Heat Exchangers, Energy Efficiency, Internal Combustion Engines

☆   Dr. Juliana Rodrigues Gadelha (Senior Biologist at Fundação BioRio; Member COCIEN (Scientific Nacional Comission) CBPDS (Brazilian Confederation of Scuba diving and Fishering; Colaborator do CESAM & Departamento de Biologia.Universidade de Aveiro)

Research fields: Ecotoxicology, Taxonomy, Histology and Histochemistry, Ecology

☆   Dr. Jun Hou (University of Michigan, USA)

Research fields: Design and Control of All-electric Ship Propulsion Systems, Energy Management Strategy, Hybrid Energy Storage in Marine Applications, Control and Optimization

☆   Dr. Krenar IBRAHIMI (University Pavaresia, Albania)

Research fieldsPort economics, governance, administration, management, organization and performance; (Port and beyond) operations and strategic management.

☆   Dr. Lau Yui Yip (Hong Kong Community College, China)

Research fields: Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Supply Chain Management, Port Planning & Maritime Education

☆   Dr. Laura Diana Cizer (Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, Romania)

Research fieldslinguistics (Maritime English, ESP, EAP, inter-comprehension)

☆   Dr. Luigi De Dominicis (ENEA, Italy)

Research fields: Subsea Optics and Imaging, Subsea Structural Monitoring, Subsea archaeology, Security of maritime infrastructure & Photonics

☆   Dr. Md. Mashiur Rahaman (Bangladesh University of Engineering, Bangladesh)

Research fields: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Port and Harbor Engineering, Dredger and Dredging Technology & Ship Recycling

☆   Dr. Megumi Hirota (Naval Ship Magnetic and UEP Research Committee, Japan)

        Research fields: Electromagnetism of ship, marine environments, applications of superconductivity, underwater physics

☆   Dr. Mehdi Shahosseini (Academic, cons.eng, Iran)

Research fields: Civil-Hydraulic engineering, Open and closed conduit flow hydraulic, Fluid mechanic, Numerical and physical hydraulic models, steady and unsteady analysis of water distribution networks and pipelines & River engineering

☆   Dr. Michele Fiorini (Institution of Engineering and Technology, Italy)

Research fields: e-Navigation (eNAV), Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), Homeland Protection (HP), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) & Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS)

☆   Dr. Mohamed El Sayed Hassan Shaltout (Alexandria University, Egypt)

Research fields: Physical oceanography, Dynamical oceanography & Remote sensing application on oceanography

☆   Dr. N. M. Golam Zakaria (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh)

Research fields: Seakeeping performance of ships (it includes motion, related events, added resistance and weather routing, etc.); shipbuilding & ship recycling industry in Bangladesh covering the topics like its economics, SWOT analysis & Safety and environmental issues

☆   Dr. Negar Dahi Taleghani (Louisiana State University, USA)

Research fields: Economics-Petroleum Engineering

☆   Dr. Nguyen Huu Huan (Graduate University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam)

Research fields: Marine ecology & Environmental capacity of tropical coastal waters

☆   Dr. Renato Skejic (SINTEF, Norway)

Research fields: Marine Hydrodynamics & Hydrostatics Ship Hydrodynamics (wave, wind, current, ice, etc.)

☆   Dr. Ronald R. Gutierrez (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru)

Research fields: River morphology and hydraulics, erosion control, flood risk assessment, large rivers & Amazon system

☆   Dr. Salvatore Mauro (CNR-INSEAN, Italy)

Research fields: Ship Manoeuvrability (prevision, definition, evaluation) & Naval Engineering

☆   Dr. Sana Sharifian (Marine Biology Department)

Research fieldsPopulation dynamic, Ecology, Zoology, Taxonomy, Histology, Marine biology

☆   Dr. Şebnem Elbek (Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey) 

Research fields: Marine Geology, Marine Science & Technologies

☆   Dr. Shivanagouda N.Sanagoudra (Karnataka University, India)

Research fields: Benthic (seafloor) ecology, temperate, offshore and nearshore, Coastal Marine Ecology, Including Biological oceanography, primary productivity broad Knowledge in Marine Phytoplankton and Ballast water marine Micro & Macro communities

☆   Dr. Tahsin Tezdogan (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Research fields: Seakeeping, Ship motions, CFD, Ship squat & Ship resistance

☆   Dr. Tuba Kececi (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)

Research fields: Maritime transportation, safety on board & marine accident investigation

☆   Dr. Vladimir V. Serebryakov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine)

Research fields: High Speed Hydrodynamics, Supercavitating vehicles & supercavitation applications

☆   Dr. Wen-Hong Liu (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan)

Research fields: Coastal management, sea use management marine spatial planning, coastal management, and fisheries management

☆   Dr. Wichidtra Sudjarid (Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, Thailand)

Research fields: Environmental Monitoring and Investigation, Anaerobic Digestion & Biodegradation of Hazardous Waste

☆   Dr. Yao-Ting Tseng (University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago)

Research fields: Marine Acoustics

☆   Dr. Yujin Gao (Thales, Australia)

Research fields: Sonar signal processing, Sonar function studies & sonar designs

☆   Dr. Zhang Jing-Xin (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China)

Research fields: CFD technique in hydrodynamic research,fluid mechanics, fluid mechanics, especially in the hydrodynamics and mass transportation in oceans, coasts, estuaries and rivers & numerical simulation of the hydrodynamics

☆   Dr. Zohreh Heidari Nesheli (Marine Biology Department)

Research fieldsOceanic modeling, Study of rip current, Oceanography field

☆   M.Sc. Ahmed Hamdy Hussein Moursy (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Eygpt)

Research fields: Maritime safety & Environmental Administration

   M.Sc. Ali Ghasemi Koohi Kheili (Pars Geometry Consultants Company, Iran)

       Research fieldsOcean Engineering, Port Engineering, Offshore Engineering

☆   M.Sc. Fan Hong Jun (China Classification Society, China)

Research fieldsLNG related ships, Risk Assessment, Floating Structures, Side by Side operations

☆   M.Sc. Jessica Kimberley Giannoumis (Faculty of Landscape and Society, Norway)

        Research fieldsEnvironmental Governance, Political Science and Human Geography

☆   M.Sc. Lillian Christine Holland (Clatsop Community College)

Research fieldsMaritime English, Linguistics, Pronunciation, Intercultural communication.

☆   M.Sc. Majda AOUITITEN (Abdelmalk Essaadi University Tetouan-Morocco, Morocco)

        Research fieldsEcology, Marine Biology, Environment, Engineering, Costal Management, Biodeversity, Ocean

   M.Sc. Morteza Namvar (Aerospace engineering)

Research fieldsUnstructured grid generation, Turbulence modeling, High order accuracy, Large eddy simulation, Shape optimization, Moving mesh methods

☆   M.Sc. Upendra Malla (Engineering and Construction, USA)

Research fields: Naval Architecture and Marine

☆   M.Sc. S. Mahdi S. Kolbadi (K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Iran)

    Research fields: civil engineering, dynamic analysis, Advanced Analysis of Major Structures Performance- and Probability-Based Earthquake Engineering, Meta-modeling and Machine Learning in Structural Engineering,Fluid-Structure Interaction, Soil-Structure Interaction, Concrete Constitutive Models, Fracture and Damage Mechanics, Kinetics and Optimization of Alkali-Silica Reaction

☆   Mr. Aleksejs Bogdanecs (Novikontas Maritime College, Latvia)

Research fields: Maritime Education and Training; pedagogical leadership and seafarers’ competence & Quality Management Systems

☆   Mr. Arvind Keprate (University of Stavanger, Norway) 

Research fields: Offshore Piping & Fatigue and Fracture Degradation of Pipelines

☆   Mr. Jonas Nii Ayi Aryee (Regional Maritime University, Ghana)

Research fields: Port Hinterland Accessibility, Port Labour & Transport Industry Economics

☆   Mr. Muhammet Türkoğlu (Marine Sciences and Technology Faculty, Turkey)

Research fields: Marine Planktonology (Protista: phytoplankton and Microzooplankton), Excessive Algal Proliferations and algal toxicology, Micro and Macro Nutrients in Marine Systems, Heavy Metal Pollution in Aquatic Systems, especially in Marine Systems, Bio-physicochemical Oceanography

☆   Mr. Pham Hai AN (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam)

Research fields: Marine dynamics, sediment transport, water quality & Marine and coastal environmental pollution monitoring and simulation

☆   Mr. Przemyslaw Gilski (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)

Research fields: location services, marine technology, radio navigation systems, software-defined radio & wireless communication

☆   Mr. Thomas Vyzikas (University of Plymouth, UK)

Research fields: numerical modelling, extreme waves, ocean energy, OWCs & CFD

☆   Mr. Tiago João Fazeres-Ferradosa (University of Porto, Portugal)

Research fields: Offshore Engineering, Offshore Structures and Platforms, Scour and Erosion & Hydraulics

☆   MA. Panos Tzovaras (University of Southampton, UK)

        Research fields: Maritime Archaeology, Nautical Archaeology, Archaeology and Ship Science, Neolithic-Early Bronze Age Aegean

☆   Ms. Phan Kieu Diem (Cantho University, Vietnam)

Research fields: Forest health and ecosystem, Climate impact assessment on forest health & Coastal ecosystem and its environment

☆   M.E. (Merel) van de Poel (n.a., Terneuzen)

       Research fields: Maritime and Transport law with a focus on EU law and the law in European states (incl. law of the sea, transport law, marine insurance law, maritime casualties, charterparties & bills of lading), legal theory, continental philosophy

☆   Ms. LinLin Li (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Research fields: Natural hazard modeling, including river flooding, tsunamis, storm surges & the sediment movement caused by these hazards

☆   Ph.D. Maksym Stetsenko (Fleet Technical Operation Department of Marine Engineering Faculty, Ukraine)

       Research fields: marine engineering, petroleum and petroleum products, molecular dynamics simulation, 

              mechanical wave fields, radiolocatio

☆   Ph.D. Sanaz Jahangiri (University of Tasmania, Australia)

       Research fieldsEmission Inventory, Dispersion Modelling, Risk Assessment, Environmental Engineering, 

              Naval Architecture, Offshore Engineering, Maritime English

☆   Ph.D. Sekar Vijayakumar (Alagappa university, India)

       Research fieldsNanobiotechnology,Nanopharmacology and Nanotoxicology,Aquaculture, Pytomedicine, Aquatic                 immnunology and Aquatic Toxicology, Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Marine drugs

☆   Dr. Heng JIN (Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, China)

       Research fieldsSloshing, Floating breakwater, Ocean engineering, Net-cage of Deep Water

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