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University Development

University Development

Author(s): Liansen Wang
127pp  June  2017
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University is known as the powerhouse of the human society, a major agent of social change, the axial institution of modern society, its development has been increasingly become the important social subject valued by all countries around the world. The Governance, Management, Culture, Responsibility, and Strategy are all important issues of university development which are mainly probed by management theory and method in the book University Development. Especially about the topics, such as Stakeholders, University Reputation, Resource Absorption and Utilization, Quality Assurance, Scientific Research Management, Non-Governmental College’s Governance, Culture of College/School/Department, Innovative Culture, Entrepreneurship Education, Postgraduates Cultivation, Competitive Advantage, Anniversary Celebration of University, and University Development Research are widely cited and proved, and originally interpreted, in order to provide many theoretical orientations to promote university development.


Liansen Wang, Professor of Education and Management of Shandong Women’s University, M.A. student adviser of Higher Education and Educational Economy and Management in Shandong University. He received a Ph.D. degree in Enterprise Management and a M.E. degree in Management Science and Engineering from Shandong University, and a B.E. degree in Chemical Equipment and Machinery from Shandong University of Technology.

From 2008 to 2012, Dr. Wang was engaged in the postdoctoral research in the field of education at Education Institute of Xiamen University. From 2013 to 2014, he was engaged in the research on university development at University of North Texas.

Dr. Wang hosts diverse research projects, such as Humanities and Social Science Research, Project of Ministry of Education of China, etc., published over 80 papers on education and management in both Chinese and English, and two academic books named for Economic Analysis of University Development and Logic of University Development: Management Perspective.


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