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1. Basic Science Department, Faculty of Science, University of Santo Tomás, Avda. Carlos Schorr 255, Talca 3473620, Chile
2. Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC), Avda. Padre Tejero 4, Seville 41012, Spain


Avocado oil is a relatively new oil in the market and is highly appreciated by the consumers because of its fine aroma, pleasant taste and health benefits. A study on the characterization of commercial avocado oils produced in Chile was conducted in order to discuss their quality parameters. The study was applied to two marketed avocado oils. The main analytical parameters evaluated to the oils were: fatty acid composition, total chlorophylls, total carotenoids, tocopherols, acid value, peroxide value, total phenolic compounds, polar compounds, oil stability, UV absorption and 3.5-stigmastadiene content. The fatty acid compositions of the studied oils were according with oil composition of pulp pure of avocado fruit. The analysis of tocopherols by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) revealed significant differences between the avocado oils studied. Total phenolic compounds, oil stability, UV Absorption characteristics, peroxide value, acid value, tocopherols content, total chlorophylls, total carotenoids and polar compounds were also significantly different between the commercial studied oils. All the above results show a different quality between both commercial avocado oils, showing that the sample C has worse values for the parameters of quality as those required by legislation in many countries. Also, 3.5-stigmastadiene content shows high concentration for one of the commercial avocado oil evaluated which demonstrates the presence of refined oil or that the oil has been submitted to high temperatures. On the other hand it is remarkable that despite the fact that there are many differences in quality parameters, both oils are labeled and marketed as extra virgin quality oils, demonstrating the need to regulate the classification of appreciated oils by the consumers.


Avocado oil, 3.5-estigmastadiene, polar compounds, quality parameters.

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