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Forest Faculty, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia


The analysis of environmental impact effects on forest ecosystems has a theoretical and practical nature. Many methods have been developed to determine characteristics and intensity of this impact. Methodologically, they can be divided into three groups: environmental parameter, bioindicative and combined methods. To evaluate the environmental impact a combined method was used in this study, it was based on trees as the bioindicators and their response reactions, and environmental parameter analysis. In this study the bioindicator was Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.), whose response reaction was used to explain total impact volumes of environmental factors in different places in the region of Kurzeme and try to interpret the causes of these differences. As the bioindicators criterion was used response reaction of Norway spruce during a period of 20 years, which was expressed with cumulative and annual additional volume increment, and was depending on the location of the stand and its morphometric characteristics. The empirical material was collected in Kurzeme region in 28 sample plots that are located on two transects and in one reference stand. For the evaluation the widths of the last 40 year growth rings were measured. To express the environmental impact in Kurzeme region a multiple regression model was developed, which explains the environmental impact in the volume of 68.2%, the rest part can be explained by the local conditions of each stand. It must be noted that methodology used in this study is very sensitive, thus, each of the nuances in the dynamics of volume’s annual reduced additional increments has biological and ecological cause.


Norway spruce, additional volume increment, bioindication, environmental impact.


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