Effect of Fiber Diameter and Air Gap on Acoustic Performance of Nanofibrous Membrane-David Publishing Company
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1. Department of Textile Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul 34437, Turkey 2. Centre for Nanomaterials, Technical University of Liberec, Liberec 46117, Czech Republic


The absorption of sound in the low frequency range is problematic with fibrous materials made up of coarser fibers. In that case, highly efficient sound absorption materials from much finer fibers must be developed. Although studies on the acoustic properties of conventional textile materials started in the nineties, analysis of the acoustic properties of the electrospun nanofibrous membranes is a novel subject. Nanofibrous membranes can improve acoustic insulation products by increasing the sound absorption coefficient, reducing material thickness, and decreasing material weight offering a competitive advantage. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of fiber diameter on the acoustic behavior of nanofibrous membranes.


Electrospun nanofibrous membrane, acoustic characteristic, fiber diameter

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