Cross-Validation of a Mobile N2O Flux Prototype (IPNOA) Using Micrometeorological and Chamber Methods-David Publishing Company
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Within a LIFE+ project IPNOA (improved flux prototype for n2o emission from agriculture), LIFE11 ENV/IT/302 is a mobile prototype was developed to evaluate at field scale N2O emissions using a fast chamber technique. Main challenge was to develop a mobile system capable of moving on various field surfaces, equipped with very reliable N2O gas analyser (Los Gatos Research Inc.), electrically autonomous (with batteries) and enough robust to face up to field conditions. In this paper, we report the major features of this prototype studied during two field campaigns. The N2O flux IPNOA prototype was compared with other methodological implementations: first, during an INGOS (integrated non-CO2 greenhouse gas observing systems) campaign on a grazed grassland at Easter Bush (Scotland) by Eddy correlation method, and then after on an arable crop at Grignon (France) using automatic and manual chambers fitted with QC-TILDAS (Quantum Cascade Tunable Infrared Laser Differential Absorption Spectrometer, Aerodyne Research Inc.), with the 46C model of thermo-instrument analyser or with a GC (gas chromatography) analysis.


Monitoring device, nitrous oxide inventory, agricultural managements, steady state chamber

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