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Numerous classic multimedia activities already exist in elementary schools, alongside regular classes which are more or less technically supported and offer many possibilities for a sensible introduction of modern ICT (information-communication technology) into schools. By using modern technologies, it is possible to upgrade multimedia activities, enrich and at the same time raise work quality and efficiency in schools, increase knowledge, skills and competences in an unforced way, and increase the competitiveness of teachers and students with modern information communication equipment and technologies. By introducing modern technologies to school work, a modern organisation of school and class activities is enabled, technical culture improves, parents and experts from the environment are more involved as mentors to students and assistants to teachers. Realisation of students!ˉideas and projects is enabled on different projects where the students can express various forms of talent, as numerous possibilities for developing entrepreneur thinking will open. Schools acquire multimedia material which can enhance the learning process, archives, activities, school image, and website; they connect to local media and can cooperate in international school web projects, improve their recognition and competitiveness, and increase the chances of acquiring additional resources for their work. 


Elementary education, media in education, multimedia production, ICT.

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