Synthesis of Gas Transport through Nano Composite Ceramic Membrane for Esterification and Volatile Organic Compound Separations-David Publishing Company
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The transport behaviour of carrier gases with inorganic catalytic ceramic membrane used for ethyl lactate production and VOC (volatile organic compound) recovery in the gauge pressure range of 0.10-1.00 bar and temperature range of 333 K was investigated. The gases include Ar (argon), N2 (nitrogen) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). The gas kinetic diameter with respect to permenace was found to occur in the order of Ar > CO2 > N2, which was not in agreement with molecular sieving mechanism of transport after the first dip-coating of the support. However, gas flow rate was found to increase with gauge pressure in the order of Ar > CO2 > N2, indicating Knudsen mechanism of transport. The porous ceramic support showed a higher flux indicating Knudsen transport. The surface image of the dip-coated porous ceramic membrane was characterised using SEM (scanning electron microscopy) to determine the surface morphology of the porous support at 333 K.


Inorganic ceramic membrane, permeance, gas flow rate and kinetic diameter

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