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Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada


Explaining how people learn L2 (second language) is the central task of the SLA (second language acquisition) field. Many theories have been proposed to account for phenomena particular to SLA. Corrective feedback—teachers’ feedback in reaction to a student’s ill-formed response (Sheen, 2011)—is such a phenomenon, whose relevance is evidenced by a large body of research investigating its various facets (e.g., types, distribution, noticeability, and effectiveness). However, to date, no review of the place of feedback within each of the major SLA theories and the different corrective techniques advocated and/or employed by each has been produced. The purpose of this paper is to bridge this gap by reviewing the major current theories of SLA as they relate to corrective feedback.


corrective feedback, language acquisition theory, recasts, prompts, explicit feedback, English as an L2 (second language)

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