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University of Florence, Florence, Italy


Starting from the question of whether there is still a space for religious experience in posthumanist reflection, and if so, how this space can be configured, the contribution first examines nerve nodes/junctions, such as body/nudity, bonds/intersections, Biogea/Sciences of Life and Earth, in which the thought of Michel Serres, at the same time, is intertwined, so to speak, with the posthumanist one, and develops its Franciscanism. Through this analysis, the contribution opens itself the possibility of identifying/proposing, in an idea of religion (religio) as etymologically understood by Serres in the sense of bond/relationship/universal binder of livings (religare), humans and things, the space/justification of religious experience in and for the posthumanism. Mysticism of immanence within the Posthumanism? Maybe… But even further: the way is in fact that of bonding, inclusion, synthesis.


Michel Serres, posthumanism, body, intersections, Biogea, Franciscanism, religion

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Orsola Rignani. (2022). Tests of a Posthumanist (Franciscan) Religion: The Case of Michel Serres. Philosophy Study, April 2022, Vol. 12, No. 4, 203-208.


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