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Africa Center for Strategic Studies, Washington, USA
Peace Research Institute Oslo (PIRO), Oslo, Norway
Africa Center for Strategic Studies, Washington, USA


The delivery of security to state and citizens will continue to be the daunting task facing nation states in Africa. Many African countries are becoming increasingly unable to deliver security to their citizens and in some instances; states themselves have become sources of insecurity. This is attributed less to the evolving security threats exacerbated by megatrends but more to the governance deficit manifested in weak social contract and strategic leadership that are short supply in many African countries. Despite a well-articulated security and defense policy of the African Union with a call for its member states to do the same, there is a dearth of national security strategies in most African states. This is largely attributed not only to the lack of effective implementation mechanisms of such policy but importantly to the absence of tools to help member states to craft and implement their national security strategies. There is a convincing wealth of evidence that shows a well-designed and inclusive process of developing national security strategies enables decision-makers to better confront the security threats and improve effective delivery of security to all citizens and state. Such a process provides an invaluable opportunity as well for forging a new social contract between state and its people. This article is an attempt to contribute to rethinking of how security could be perceived, planned, and delivered to the citizens in Africa.


Africa, Security, Policy, Strategy, Human Security, State Security, Security Threats

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