Karma Chameleon: Performative Acts, Gender Constitution, and the Second British Invasion-David Publishing Company
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ESPM-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The aim is to examine the performative acts and gender constitution in the context of the Second British Invasion. Despite the pervasive character of patriarchy and the prevalence of sexual difference as an operative cultural distinction, gender was not passively scripted on the bodies of many British singers. The subversive performances did not exclude suffering and marginalization but simultaneously undermined compulsory coherence.


performative acts, gender, Judith Butler, the Second British Invasion, United Kingdom, United States, 1980s

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Diego Santos Vieira de Jesus. (2021). Karma Chameleon: Performative Acts, Gender Constitution, and the Second British Invasion. Philosophy Study, January 2021, Vol. 11, No. 1, 56-60.


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