Orgasmic Bodies: Do-It-Yourself Sexualities, Pharmaceuticals, and Creative Economy-David Publishing Company
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Based on bibliographic research, the article examines how pharmaceuticals address people‟s sexual needs and desires, stimulated by creative economy. The main argument indicates that pharmaceuticals create conditions for do-it-yourself sexualities, based on bodily stereotypes disseminated by creative industries, which reflect dominant heteronormative discourses. People shape their bodies, enhance sexual experiences, and foster sexual hygiene and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.


Pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceuticals, gender, sexualities, creative economy, creative industries, heteronormativity.

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Diego Santos Vieira de Jesus. 2021. "Orgasmic Bodies: Do-It-Yourself Sexualities, Pharmaceuticals, and Creative Economy." Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 9 (2): 79-82.


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