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E-Campus University, Novedrate, Italy StratEgo TLC—Research Division, Milan, Italy
University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy
Bocconi University, Milan, Italy MEDAlics, Reggio Calabria, Italy


Through an overview of developments in finance and in the energy sector, this work represents an analysis of the relationship of their trends. It is carried out through an interdisciplinary approach. From the original physical currency to electronic payment methods, digital currency is becoming a new concept. It’s still a fiat money which is only as good as the organization that issues it. Because Bitcoin is not issued by any central bank, there is no centralized management of the country; there is a great risk of losing control. Finance is not entirely a virtual economy. So, currency development trends must return to intrinsic value. There is the possibility for the energy currency also for its stability. As an energy currency, it is not necessary to print, not to apply the exchange rate, no corresponding pollution, and even better it will help to alleviate the existing environmental problem facing the challenges of global environmental degradation. The international unit of energy can be seen as the unit of energy money because of its intrinsic value. As stated by Scott, there are good reasons to consider energy as a potential currency. If the future integrates energy into the financial system and becomes a means of payment, it will not only eliminate the risk of currency depreciation, but also optimize energy saving and use to achieve environmental protection. The emphasis is given to the integration of the financial sector with the energy one. The aim is to develop a parametric numerical model able to foresee the possibility of combining finance and energy, allowing a sustainable development. This allows us to analyze the pros and cons of the existing energy cryptocurrencies. The last step consists in identifying the main characteristics that this cryptocurrency must have in order to achieve the desired results.


cryptocurrency, development, integration, finance, energy, innovation

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