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Citytalent Real Estate Municipality of Groningen, the Netherlands
Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, the Netherlands Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands


In order to achieve its objectives and to handle its real estate in a professional manner, the real estate company of the municipality of Groningen would like to begin managing the social real estate portfolio in an innovative way. The use of data and information technologies, or data-driven working and managing, provides insight into the effectiveness and efficiency of the portfolio. This roadmap includes, in addition to a theoretical framework, a step-by-step plan describing the process towards data-driven real estate management. The starting point here is to invent step by step, because data-driven real estate management requires a different way of thinking and doing. Actionable insights are created so that strategic management becomes possible. The data model to be developed forms the basis for entering into dialogue, taking decisions and drawing up long-term goals. The outcome is a data model for a proactive, agile, future-proof organization that is capable of responding to a changing environment and manages for the highest possible social return.


data, real estate, municipal, process, roadmap, social return

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