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Haşim Altan and Jitka Mohelnikova



Daylighting studies in buildings are key parts of environmental analysis and can be easily conducted at the early stages of design as part of environmentally responsive building design as well as to inform the final architectural layout and interior design. The main aim of this study is to demonstrate how such daylighting studies can be completed at the early stages of design and, at the same time, to show the impact of window design and positioning on building indoor environments. The paper is focused on a study of window influence on room daylighting in residential buildings and computer lighting simulations in software packages: Windows Daylighting System and Autodesk Ecotect Analysis, have been carried out for different style and positioning of windows using several case studies. The main findings clearly indicated that not only the window size and style matters, but also the positioning of windows considering external walls which would make a significant influence on room daylighting levels and, therefore, such daylight studies are very important for the early stage of environmental analysis during building design.


Lighting analysis, daylight studies, computer simulations, daylighting levels, window size and positioning, residential buildings

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