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Sami Sulaiman Alsalmi


School of education, University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom


This review discusses Akakura’s research study, entitled “valuating the Effectiveness of Explicit Instruction on Implicit and Explicit L2 Knowledge”. The argument presented here will be developed by means of a critique of Akakura’s study, in turn addressing a summary of the study with the focus placed on the method and statistical techniques, as well as the evaluation of the study. Some explanations will be added to the summary of study to make some points more obvious, specifically those that do not receive enough description in the study. In addition, given that the study is rather broad and includes many situations that are worthy of discussion but that they cannot be covered in a paper, the evaluation will be narrowed down to concentrate on two aspects of the study: measures of implicit knowledge and explicit instructions (treatment stage).


explicit instruction, implicit knowledge, explicit knowledge

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