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Hungarian Statistical Association (HSA), Budapest, Hungary


The history of independent Hungarian Statistics (including Economic/Business Statistics) dates back to 1867. Among the first tasks of the Hungarian Statistics, we needed to highlight the importance of surveying and analysing the state of the Hungarian economy. While the statistics of economic branches (sectors) were established in the last decades of the 19th century, the analysis of economy at national level appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Over the decades, with the development of technology and sciences, the changing economic processes have been shaped the system of economic/business statistics. In the past few decades, the changes have been accelerating; the digital world, information boom, and globalization represent nevertheless a much greater challenge for statisticians and users than those of the previous decades. It is getting more and more challenging to use the ocean of information and data. In statistical knowledge, the role of statisticians has gained importance, because in order to produce, publish reliable data, and make proper decisions, we need to know all about the statistical data (meaning of data) and statisticians need to enhance statistical knowledge and statistical culture.


statistics, economic statistics, roots of statistics, globalization, concept enterprise, diversity, errors

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