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Since a load of power system changes continuously, the generation also adjusted for supply-demand balance purpose. If there exist more distributed generators in the distribution network, the dispatch strategy becomes more crucial. The possibility of having numerous controllable microgrids, diesel generator (DG) units and loads for microgrids (MGs) system requires an efficient dispatch strategy in order to balance supply demand for reducing the total cost of the integrated system. In this paper, a method for the dispatch of the distributed generator in distributed power systems has been proposed. The dispatch strategy is such that it keeps a flat voltage profile, reduces the network losses, increases the maximum loading and voltage security margin of the system. The procedure is based on the analysis of continuous power flow. The method is executed on a 34-bus test system. The MATLAB based PSAT packages are used for simulation purpose.


Distributed generator, dispatch, distributed network, active loss, reactive loss, maximum loading parameter, continuation power flow

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