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Bojan Jokić, Sonja D. Radenković
Bojana Jokić


College of Economics Peć-Leposavić, Leposavić, Kosovo
Academy for Business Economy, Belgrade, Serbia


The dynamism of the environmental factors determines the permanent relativization of the existing position of the company, which is why it is forced to constantly adjust its size and internal configuration to the requirements imposed by the development of social, technical, technological and market factors. In this way, the enterprise fulfils the social justification of its existence and functioning. The company can realize the aspiration to improve its position by any active influence on environmental factors by appropriate response to challenges and chances from the environment. As a result of this behaviour, the company comes to the process of its growth and development. Growth of the company is the process of increasing the size of the company and can manifest itself as an increase: the number of employees, strength and installed capacity, total income, market share, profits and the like. The process of growth of the company, as the inevitable consequence of its tendency to improve its position, necessarily leads to the diversification of the company’s activities, changes in its organizational structure, and other adaptive changes.


agribusiness, grownth, strategy, technology

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