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Shibaura Institute of Technology, Saitama-shi; Ricoh Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Shibaura Institute of Technology, Saitama-shi, Japan


It is generally accepted that Project-Based Learning (PBL) is very valuable in preparing students to become working members of society. However, some issues have been recognized with PBL such as: (1) some students lack an active attitude or ride on the coattails of their teammates in their PBL team work; (2) a range of achievement levels among project teams; (3) spending most of their time to discuss the objective and the goal; and (4) not well managed as a project. Integrated Scheduling Method (IScM) and the associated tool called Deliverables Dependency Matrix (DDM) have been proposed to create a highly feasible project schedule for a product development. It was noticed that they might have the potential to resolve these PBL issues because the schedule creation is a core part of project management and includes most of all factors to manage PBL as a project. Two trials of the application with Modified-IScM (M-IScM) and DDM to PBL courses have been conducted. The first trial was intended to evaluate if M-IScM and DDM could resolve the PBL issues. A lecture prior to the second PBL with some findings from the first trial was given to students to improve their project management competencies. As a result, it was confirmed that M-IScM and DDM had the potential to resolve the PBL issues and revealed that PBL had two internal project types, the Goal Search Project and the Goal Oriented Project with the associated work processes and methods. Furthermore, the Goal Oriented Project could be divided into the Development Project and the Value Creation Project. Understanding and utilizing these project types will improve the competencies of students regarding project management to produce a good outcome in PBL, and help develop the leadership and fundamental skills to be a capable business person.


project management, project-based learning, work breakdown structure, scheduling

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