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The wind power generation is increasing in many countries as a result of decreasing technology costs, active government policies for renewable energy sources, environmental concerns, etc.. This paper investigates the impact of wind power generation on ATC (available transmission capacity) calculation. In order to determine the maximum incremental MW transfer possible between two parts of a power system without violating any specified limits, ATCs are calculated. When calculating ATC values, it is necessary to assume production and consumption pattern in power system. Production of wind power depends on the wind speed, which is a random variable and it is impossible to forecast exactly the production of wind power that is needed for the ATCs calculation. In order to investigate influence of the stochastic wind power production on the ATCs value, computer model of Croatian electric power system is made in Power World Simulator. ATCs are calculated for southern part of Croatian power system in which besides wind power, hydro power plants are only type of power generation. Available wind speed measurements are used as input data for wind power production. The results of the ATC calculation for different scenario of wind power production and location in the Southern Croatian power system are presented and discussed in the paper.


Available transmission capacity, wind power, hydro power, computer model, transmission system.

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