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Kumru Uyar, Burcu Oralhan


Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri, Turkey


In today’s competitive environment the key element is the differentiation of business which will lead to success. Especially in international markets where there’s much more intense competition, it is more important for businesses to enter with innovations that make a difference to their consumers. Innovation is also important for competitive export-oriented production in globalization. In global competition, innovation is the key factor for sustainable success. Increases in the efficiency, profitability of firms make it possible to enter new markets and extend present markets by obtaining advantage of competition. In order to determine accurate strategies, the connection between innovation and exports must be understood better. The aim of this study is to determine the innovation capability and export performance of Turkish export firms. Another aim is to examine the relationship between firm characteristics and innovation capability. Innovation capability of export firms is measured by INNOVSCALE which was developed by Vicente, Abrantes, and Teixeira (2015). Export performance is measured by APEV scale which was developed by Lages, Lages, and Lages (2005). The study uses data collected from 83 firms located in Kayseri. Results obtained by using SPSS indicate that there is a positive relationship between innovation capability and export performance. The results of the ANOVA analysis, innovation capability differ in terms of firm size and export earnings. Innovation capability does not differ in terms of sector, operating years, share of export earnings in the whole revenues, exporting periods, or internationalization levels.


innovation, export performance, INNOVSCALE, APEV scale, international trade, Turkey

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