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Marijana Magdić, Vlatka Husetović and Mirna Coljak



Starting from the fact that water is quite arguably the source of life, the authors agreed to set up a project on water and name it: “REFLECTION”. Particular focus was placed on the following issues: water in nature, importance of water in human life, physical and chemical properties of water, protection of water in nature. The aim of the project was to make students aware of the importance of water for health as well as to help them develop a rational relationship towards drinking water. In order to find answers to the issues raised, the authors designed worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, educational games (ecological postcards, dominoes, memory games, etc.). The authors even tried our hand at making a comic strip. Students learned about the influence of water on health, as well as about water content in particular foods. The long-term goal of the project is to introduce children to scientific approach and methodology. Through active participation and dialogue, students discover cooperative learning and acquire skills that will be beneficial to them as well as to the wider community. Working on the project, students’ evidence that the role of an individual is a key one in building a better world. This insight helps develop their civic skills and attitudes that serve as the starting point for environmental education. The authors made numerous adaptations and implemented individual approach with the goal of training students for independent work and life according to their personal abilities in line with the principles of inclusive education. Students conduct experiments following step-by-step instructions on specially adapted worksheets. Each student gets positive feedback and experiences the joy of success that leads to the development of self-confidence and love of work and learning.


Water in nature, water content in foods, nature protection, ecology, education.

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