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1. Laboratory of Entomology, Center for Integrated Pest Management, Department of Biology, State University of Paraíba, Campina Grande 58109-753, PB, Brazil
2. Section of Arbovirology and Hemorrhagic Fever, Laboratory of Entomology, Evandro Chagas Institute, Ananindeua 67030-000, PA, Brazil


This paper aimed to investigate the Culicidae fauna in the state of Paraíba and review the possible pathogens vector capacity of captured specimens. The catches occurred on November from day 17 to 21, 2014 in Mata do Buraquinho, João Pessoa/PB and were performed with the use of aerial insect net and an oral aspirator. There were 88 Culicidae specimens collected from the Buraquinho Forest. This is the first report of Aedes fulvithorax, A. scapularis, A. serratus, A. taeniorhynchus, Anopheles nimbus, Coquillettidia albicosta, C. venezuelensis, Limatus durhamii and Mansonia titillans, also genus Wyeomyia in Paraíba state. The capacity of these mosquitoes to transmit diseases, mainly arboviruses, outlines the need for epidemiological surveillance in the state.


Culicidae fauna, biodiversity, epidemiology.

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