Impacts of Public Support and Voices Pluralism in Macao Newspapers-David Publishing Company
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Saint Joseph University, Macao, China Porto University, Porto, Portugal


The economic and financial sustainability of regional press companies is extremely relevant for the dynamism of this important sector in promoting pluralism of ideas and decentralization of information. In this context, the work presented here intends, on one hand, to analyze the importance of the press support system in Macao for its economic and financial sustainability and, on the other hand, to try to understand how they contribute to promoting information pluralism with Portuguese speaking community in a Chinese territory—with special regime. With this purpose, three methodologies were implemented, namely: (1) review of literature and documentary research—reports, articles in the press, scientific articles and academic books related to the topic; (2) analysis of contents of interviews of privileged informants-directors and editors of newspapers addressed to the Portuguese community in the Macao region; and (3) analysis of the impact of support from the Macao Regional Government based on the principles of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) model.


pluralism, voices, sustainability, subsidies, market and newspapers

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