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Genus Talipariti has long history of use in various traditional medicine therapeutic applications in Cuba, especially in treatment of bronchial asthma and flu. Petals of genus Talipariti are rich source of secondary metabolites and most of these metabolites are reported to possess expectorant, antasthmatic, appetitive, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Hence, in our study, we present a validated, sensitive, reliable, and cheap narrow-bore UHPLC-UV-ESI-MS/MS coupled to PDA (photodiode array detectors) method for the simultaneous isolation and identification of flavonoids and their glycosidic derivatives in this flower drug. In addition, about twelve compounds were identified in this specie based on chromatography retention time (tR), UV and MS/MS spectra and compared with those of isolated authentic compound and literature data. About eighth constituents were reported for the first time from Talipariti elatum. Our results demonstrated the developed method could be employed as a rapid and versatile analytical technique for identification of chemical constituents and quality control of Talipariti elatum.


UHPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS, flavonoids, petals, chemical-compounds, talipariti.

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González, J., et al. 2017. “New Phytochemical Profile of Ethanolic Extract from Talipariti elatum (Sw.).” Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 5 (8): 489-496.


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