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Suzete Venturelli, Antenor Ferreira Corrêa


University of Brasília, Brasília, Brazil


In this text, we seek to present and analyze artistic works that were part of the exhibition Visual Music: interactions between music and image. This exhibition was held for a period of one month at Brazilian Bank Cultural Center and integrated III Understanding Visual Music Symposium (2015). This international event brought together artists from four continents and has been considered one of the most important academic forums dedicated to the study of the relationship between music and image. The works presented in the exhibition dealt with different possibilities of and the need for interaction with the public. Further, interesting discussions were raised, especially related to the possibilities and need for preservation of these works. These debates were unfolded to the plan of artistic dissemination; moreover, have embraced considerations about ephemeral art.


visual music, interactive art, ephemeral art, UVM 2015 Symposium

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