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Community Concern Organic Farmer (CCOF), Horticulture Bld, Jalan AUP no. 3, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta 12520, Indonesia


Organic farming in Indonesia has been developed quite pass in the last five years. This evidence was pushed by increasing the demand either in domestic or in foreign market. The increase of demand was due to the icrease of awareness of society to healthy and savety food for people. Related to this isues the Government of Indonesia has built an Organic Farming Competence Authority (OKPO). This Competent has responsibilities to facilitate and administrate organic farming business in Indonesia. The diversity of organic produced in Indonesia is mostly paddy/rice, and followed by other organic products such as nutmeg, cashew nut, cinnamon, capsicum, mangosteen, brown sugar or other coconut products, cocoa bean, coffee bean, clover, pepper, Zalacca, lychee, longan, duku (lanseh) and some fruits and vegetables. Mostly organic produce is exported to foreign coutries. There are also some assosiations such as Indonesia Organic Aliance (AOI), Indonesia Farmer Organic Assosiation (APOI), Community Concern Organic Farmer (CCOF) who support the development of organic movement. Certification Body for Competency of Inspectors and Facilitators for organic divelopment either for plant or livestock has just been established.


Organic farming, certification, Organic Farming Competence Authority (OKPO), Organic Certification Body (LSO), organic produce, diversity.

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