From Rubbish to a Large Scale Industry: A Simple Fabrication of Superfiber with Multitasking Applications-David Publishing Company
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In the whole earth, people increased dramatically from generation to generation which had created a large scale of broken environment so that people are facing more various types of garbage. Most of garbages are not useful and as a matter of fact, they are used to be neglected. Furthermore, many efforts have been conducted to change it by many types of recycled methods. Here, a simple technique is proposed with and without using fires to transform the useless natural or man-made rubbish things to be a superfiber as well as thin film with multitasking applications in human daily life. Since most of earth environment is covered by oceans, here the authors show how the ocean related garbage such as the crab skins, broken coral reefs and beach stones were changed to be superfiber and a multitasking device prototype.


Rubbish, fabrication, superfiber, multitasking, marine environment

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