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Maria Kalathaki and Anna Papastefanaki



The educational project prepared for students of High School 15-17 years old with the subject of Biodiversity in
Minoan Period and Nowadays. It was an interdisciplinary approach of ecological and cultural views of biodiversity. Special
educational material was prepared with photos and texts of archaeological excavations and field sampling which was used in real and virtual environment, in α discovery teaching of Natural Sciences and History subjects. Students, in a scientific research project with constructive teachings, followed the procedures by which scientists gather, analyze, synthesize, process and evaluate information of organisms of Crete since 4000 years. Crete is located between the natural limits of three continents, having the unique privilege to host permanently or in migration, distinctive species of these three continents. After having the research questions, teachers collected the educational material, organized the work groups, implemented the didactic intervention in the classroom, had the field sampling of plants, recognized the synchronous local and scientific names of the plants, constructed the botany book, photographed the collected organisms and all the concentrated material was delivered to the team members.


Biodiversity, discovery teaching method, minoan period, distance education.

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