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Newly developed black garlic had made a sensational debut with a strong anti-tumor potency proved by the mouse tumor model in 2006 from our laboratory. At that time few researches on it have been conducted due to less popularity of the products even among the researching field. Since then some of the bio-functional works of the black garlic gradually appeared along with gaining of its popularity. Representative bio-activities reported up to now are: (1) enhancement of anti-tumor potency in the mouse tumor model; (2) immune system enforcement, and suppressive act against allergic symptoms caused by decreasing IL-4 cytokine production; (3) bacteria killing potency; (4) anti-oxidant activity; (5) reduction of carcinogenic potency; (6) lowering cholesterol level and preventive work against obesity; (7) controlling high blood pressure; (8) beneficial effect against diabetics; (9) regenerative effect to the burned skin (Clinical study case) et al. On the black garlic business (marketing), the Aomori Black Garlic Union (Association) had been established in Aomori Prefecture to offer the citizen high quality, high safety and high security black garlic (products) aiming at contribution for health improvement. All union members are now exerting themselves to the most to attain the high quality production of the black garlic. The quality proving certification seal will be issued to the products that passed the quality approval test by the third party inspections to place it on the their products. This system is now effectively working to guarantee the garlic quality and differentiate the Union member’s products from others at the markets.


Black garlic, anti-tumor potency, anti-oxidant activity, anti-bacterial act, black garlic union, quality approval test

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